Day 32: Sunday 31 May

May 31, 2009

It was so lovely and warm in bed I had difficulties in leaving it today. Denim doesn’t have particularly great thermal properties for cold weather, so I am aiming for the layer-upon-layer effect both visually and for comfort. I COULD have worn the denim lumberjack jacket (thanks Paul, it’s been a great comfort to me), but I hate wearing the same denim outfit 2 days running. No, I really HATE it.

A little ray of sunshine has come into my world

A little ray of sunshine has come into my world

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket… so tight so nice

Top 2: When the weather turns I’ll have my anorakĀ  on hand, not waterproof but definitely foolproof

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans fit just so

Accessory: denim cap jazzed up with a Utopia badge


Day 31: Saturday 30 May

May 30, 2009

It’s FREEZING this morning, sort of. So I have had to clamber into the long promised denim lumber jacket with furry lining (thanks heaps PB you have saved my arse from the cold). Mmmmmm, so cosy, so stylish. Another thing that’s going to keep me warm today is the very exciting activity of…. cleaning! Uuugh.

A woman's work is never done

A woman's work is never done

Top: denim jacket with warming fake fur lining

Bottom: pants to clean in… fake denim tracky dax

Accessory: denim visor courtesy of Newcastle’s flea markets

However! Before I get to the cleaning I have another activity in mind. Something that requires guts if you want the glory… boxing training with the girls. GIRL POWER YEAH!

And here’s the glamour outfit I have carefully selected for punching stuff. I look HOT! Yeah! And fearsome…

Shorts over leggings = style & grace

Shorts over leggings = style & grace

Top: some may think the top is a stretch, but I feel it falls under the fake denim category, a Levi’s tanktop

Bottom: denim running shorts, perhaps chambre is a better description gifted by the legendary LC

Accessory 1: denim visor to stop the sweat running into my eyes

Accessory 2: the faux denim leggings will get a major workout today

Here’s the visor and tanktop a little closer up….

Fully accessorised and ready to punch

Fully accessorised and ready to punch

Day 30: Friday 29 May

May 29, 2009

It is VERY f’n early in the morning and duty calls, so I’ll be brief.
Many of you (and here are sooooo many) have been wondering, I am sure, how come I look so young. Being 86 and looking 21 is no mean feat, especially with the debauched and outrageous life I live. Let me tell you my eensy little secret. I have a painting in the attic which shows what I REALLY look like. It ages while I maintain my glorious and youthful outlook! All of which is very evident in today’s picture.

The mystery of eternal youth is unveiled

Spot the difference.. the mystery of my eternal youth is unveiled

Top: Not just double denim, but a double- BREASTED denim jacket. No label, so it’s either home-made or tailor made in Hongkers or Vietnam. Anyway you look at it it’s super stylin’

Bottom: Offsetting the sharp tailoring of the jacket, today I have gone with the vintage Landlubber high waisted flares

Accessory: Very smart dark denim bag with awesome fat red piping, ta Newcastle

Here’s that bag a little closer up…

Red piping lifts the double dark denim dosage

Red piping lifts the double dark denim dosage

Day 29: Thursday 28 May

May 28, 2009

My how time flys when you’re having fun. It’s the beginning of the 5th week, yes count them, FIVE!!!, of My Year of Denim. And the denim is just gushing forth from every corner of, if not the globe and if not Australia, then some areas of Sydney. I don’t know if this flood of denim is caused by climate change, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

However what really trully shocks me is those people (you know who you are) who don’t own any denim! I don’t know what to make of non-denim wearers. I can understand that in certain parts of the world denim is not an ideal fabric, say in the Arctic circle or the tropics of the Mentawis. But here in Sydney, with our moderate year round climate, denim seems to me to be a perfect fabric for most days of the year, as I am setting out to prove on this blog. Apparently Frank Sinatra didn’t own any denim. Not sure what that means or says about him or about jeans, but let us ponder that info for moment or two…

Denim & handicrafts go hand in hand

Denim & handicrafts go hand in hand whilst I ponder Frank Sinatra's non-denim wearing lifestyle

Top: Marcs shiny & thankfully stretchy quite tight smart denim jacket

Bottom: Levi’s straight leg polyester jeans/slacks

Accessory: Jeans bum handbag, my favorite kind, like your carrying around somebody’s arse and putting stuff in it!

And if you are wondering about the dog walking, today I wore my office clothes to walk the dog. There have been some enquiries about the dog and why she hasn’t yet appeared anywhere. The truth is she is, I suspect, rather disinterested in My Year of Denim. If I pay her the usual modelling rates she gets on the dog walks of the world she might deign to appear. Of course she’ll have to be acessorised in denim….

Bum bag has a different meaning to me

Bum bag has a different meaning to me

Today’s accessory is what I like to call the denim bum bag, in that it looks like somebody’s bum in a pair of jeans. I have a couple of these hand/bum bags and this is my newest, a gift courtesy of DanH, who I thank very much.

A little later on…
Having caught the train to work this morning I was struck by the incredible design feature of my denim bum bag…. the little pockets are perfect for train tickets!

Denim bumbag's hi-tech desihn feature

Denim bumbag's hi-tech design feature... a pocket sized just so

Day 28: Wednesday 27 May

May 27, 2009

It’s a back-to-work day for me, but first I have to walk the dog, and that requires an entire special denim top-to-toe outfit, with a one-off today only rear view…

Coffee steels my soul before dog walking & check the rear end droop

Coffee steels my soul before dog walking with bonus rear end droop

Here’s my doggy outfit, except for the boots which were too dirty even for me to wear in the house…

Top: Levi’s denim jacket

Bottom: those nasty arse droopy (so I’ve been told) Riders which (so I’ve been told) “Have to go!”

Accessory: dark denim cap all the way from far North Queensland, although the tag says Melbourne

And now I have to throw on my work clothes, punch out the blog and head off to labour in front of a computer. Today’s do is very “sexy-tary” I think, especially with the specs.

Sexy librarian look brough to you by Dragstar

Sexy librarian look brought to you by Dragstar

In another first all of today’s denim has been kindly provided by Sydney’s centre fashion Dragstar

Top: Dragstar denim vest, a little snug, but with denim tight is nice

Bottom: Dragstar denim skirt in matching denim to the vest

Accessory: Dragstar denim shoulder bag large enough for all my stuff then some

Day 27: Tuesday 26 May

May 26, 2009

In a bit of a rush this morning so my photo doesn’t show me or my outfit in the best light. As gorgeous as I am I can’t always be Marrickville’s next top model.

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket. I wish either the jacket was a little bigger or my bust was a litttle smaller so everything would hang a little better

Bottom: Levi’ flares, oldies but goodies. with about 40cm of turn-up

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag which is rapidly becoming my daily denim bag due to it’s accommodating size

I’ll be back in the garage later. You know the look by now, but to PROVE I am in denim I WILL update with a new photo…

And here it is. Such a gorgeous day out there that I have busted out the denim cutoffs, aaahhh, sunshine on my legs makes me happy, sunshine on my knees makes me smile…

Who would think it's just about winter?

Who would think it's just about winter?

Top: Jag jeans shirt you know it

Bottom: Lee jeans cut off just so

Accessory: Once again the beach hat has become my studio head cover

Day 26: Monday 25 May

May 25, 2009

I have dragged myself out of bed this morning, looked in the mirror and saw Medusa. Well, I thought to myself, that head is gunna need a hat today.

So here I am in all my Monday morning, post-Newcastle, failed prediction glory…

Crazy hair tamed by designer Target denim cap

Crazy hair tamed by designer Target denim cap

Top: It’s a classic all the way from Newcastle, a Levi’s jacket nicely aged by the previous owner, snapped up for $5 at the Adamstown market

Bottom: Amazing jeans witha similar shade of fade to the jacket giving the whole outfit that Double Denim look so hated by GenY

Accessory: Target denim cap, luckily not K-Mart’s Now brand which I have vowed not to wear in my year of denim

As well as being a Double Denim Day today is a double outfit day as I’ll be heading out to the shed a bit later, so there’ll be another filthy picture added a little later on.

A little later on…

I'm such a good lookin' woman

I'm such a good lookin' woman

Top: That oh-so nasty Jag overshirt

Bottom: massive Urban somethng or-other jeans

Accessory: denim beach hat to keep rain off

So here I am hard at work with a large lumpen piece of clay. The artist in their garret, the local artisan being ever so creative and yet over-looked ’til her death (not imminent I hope), the vanguard of gentrification altering slowly yet surely the interesting flavour of the ‘hood into something much more generic.