Day 3: Saturday May 2nd 2009

Thanks to everyone who dropped in at the Shakie last night to wish me happy birthday and perve on my denimness.

I especially want to thank those who came bearing the gift of denim, either by wearing it or by giving it… to me. Thank you all heaps from the bottom of my denim clad heart. I was particularly  touched by your interest in denim, and I will endeavour to keep the flame of  my Year of Denim burning hot for the next 12 months.

However… I drank too much and feel a little hazy this morning. Those denim wedgies have butchered my feet and I may never walk the same. Karaoke has burnt a hole in my vocal chords. I sound a little like Kim Carne, without the Betty Davis eyes.

But I am up! And I am blogging! 
And I am wearing denim. But it’s pretty schleppy.


Brekkie in the backyard. Eyes aer a little puffy

Brekkie in the backyard. Eyes are a little puffier than I like.


















Top: Fletcher Jones denim jacket I bought 15 years ago from Manly markets, so it’s gotta be at least 25 years old. With zipper pockets!
Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans bought recently at Maroubra St Vinnies
Accessory: Look closely at my hands…. a tiny denim shoe key ring (ta AK)

Here it is close up….


It's a denim sneaker key ring!

It's a denim sneaker key ring!


8 Responses to Day 3: Saturday May 2nd 2009

  1. Leah says:

    I worry the shoe keyring is a stretch…could be used every day if desperate. Hmm. Also, I found out courduroy isn’t a type of denim – it’s a type of velvet. I feel so disillusioned.

    • jampolk says:

      Poor you, having your core ideas about corduroy completely smashed.
      And yes, you are right about the key ring.
      It was a toss-up between the sneaker key ring or my denim tampon pouch.
      The key ring won… this time!

  2. raquel says:

    I love that jacket- just goes to show you can’t beat quality. Better to buy a quality Australian item than a cheap chinese product.
    I am so excited by all your denim oufits- but I will be searching for those bad eighties numbers for you.

    • jampolk says:

      Raquel, what I REALLY need is a horrible 80s style dress.
      if you see it get it, preferably stone or acid wash.

  3. petenel says:

    hmmmm, interesting. when i got home from your night of denim karaoke i found a denim scrunchie down the front of my pants.

  4. petenel says:

    I seem to remember the wandering hands of a stranger during my emotional performance of Careless Whisper. But as to who it was, I cannot say …?
    We do know that the Dang does have hi-tech surveillance (vis a certain denim top-exchanging incident Caught On Tape ..)

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