Day 14: Wednesday 13 May

It’s a bit nippy at 6am.

It’s a bit early at 6am. If you don’t believe me see today’s picture. Uuughh.

Me so pretty early in the morning.

Me so pretty early in the morning.




Top: as Karen Carpenter sang, it’s yesterday once more. Joe’s Jeans denim jacket. As you can see by my face I am loving this jacket

Bottom: Levi’s jeans, a modern take on the flare

Accessory: See Fi? I am using the little denim bag you gifted me all the way from Japan and never used except for now.








Eeek. I AM going to have to to get one of those fur lined denim vests after all. Stay tuned for an upcoming day dedicated to the lumberjack look. However that day is NOT today.

Today is Joe’s Jeans day. Check out the detail on my brand new second hand Joe’s denim jacket. Nice!

Joe's Jeans are cool. I am going to be their next model for sure!

Joe's Jeans are cool. I am going to be their next model for sure!









Joe’s Jeans ARE cool. And I am cool so I am going to enter their search for a new model. I’m definitely waaaaay over 18, so that won’t be a problem. Getting the snug fit of Joe’s Jeans to accommodate all of me could be an issue. But as I am guaranteed to win they’ll have to change the way the jeans fit!
See why I am a shoe-in for Joe’s next model here… And stay tuned to vote for me in their competition. With pictures like today of me looking gorg’ I am in for sure!


8 Responses to Day 14: Wednesday 13 May

  1. anne says:

    Oh dear, what will it be next? Photos of you asleep in Denim PJs?

    But Jane, what about those denim UGG boots I saw yesterday in a shop window in the Rocks!

  2. spiegel says:

    delighted to see the bag has made an appearance. i had pictured it flung casually over shoulder in a wind-tousled busy gal-on-the-go shot, rather than held up by a bleary bag lady at kitchen table but, hey, at least it’s getting some use.

  3. dan says:

    why were you awake so early?

  4. HRH says:

    Are you still in bed? It is 8.45am… and no sign of latest style combo…
    I’m looking forward to seeing you surf in denim though… and there must be some drain pipe jeans somewhere…

    • jampolk says:

      Depending on my work schedule Year of Denim gets a new post anywhere between 6.30am and 9,.30 am.
      I want to look my best, so more sleep = pretty me

    • jampolk says:

      And you’re right…
      There is a dirth of skinny jeans and that’s coz I buy only at the op shops. As skinny jeans are in style right now they have yet to flow through to charity.
      I am on the lookout for them tho…

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