Day 16: Friday 15 May

The lower and more private parts of my body are still recovering from the hours I spent yesterday sealed inside those ‘Wakee’ jeans. I had a pain in my muffin, alongside other parts, that is only now, after a good nights rest, showing signs of revcovery.

The dangers of wearing tight jeans are REAL! See today’s accessories pic if you don’t believe me.

Other news is that today a photographer from the local newspaper (and I DO mean local) is coming to take a snap of me. For some reason my Year of Denim has struck a chord in the local community’s media outlet. So as you can see I have been extra careful in regards to today’s outfit. I have gone for a serious yet frivolous fashion combination…

The evils of too-tight jeans are still with me

The evils of too-tight jeans are still with me

Top: Marcs jacket with silvery sheen through it

Bottom: Equinox denim knickerbockers

Accessory: cute denim cap sent all the way down from Cairns (thanks Soo!)

And yes I am clutching my side-muffin in pain. Those jeans from yesterday inspired me to dig through my record collection to rediscover the album I am clutching – Hard Knocks. This Hammond label vinyl beauty deftly shows what wearing tight jeans does to a girl… turns them into a sharpie!!  Be warned! Romper Stomper fashions are imminent on this blog!

The other record in this photo, Bumper, also features denim styles. It’s more of your 70s disco hits, while Hard Knocks focuses on Aussie rockin’ standards by The Angels, Billy Thorpe and that hard core sharpie band Sherbet.

New denim cap fits just right, while Hard Knocks reveals the depths to which a girl will sink to wearing too tight denim will force agirl

New denim cap fits just so, while Hard Knocks shows how low a girl will sink wearing too tight denim... knife carrying and ice skates


8 Responses to Day 16: Friday 15 May

  1. HRH says:

    I hope you were wearing cotton knickers… and not going commando

  2. holdan says:

    too funny polkers!

  3. HRH says:

    Cardboard crutch?

  4. anne says:

    I’m just thinking, you could have a denim camel-toe tribute in here somewhere…

  5. Soo says:

    Horizontal and vertical stripes, only a sassy cat like you can pull this off Jane. I’m lovin the updates, and that cap with ferocious chuhaa badge(‘mouse’- Hindi)so fetching.

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