Day 17: Saturday 16 May

Being fairly new to this blogging malarky I don’t always have it foremost in my mind that every part of my day needs to be conducted in mind of my Year of Denim.

So last night I headed out for some culture in the form of Gatz at the Sydney Opera House (thanks Peter for bargain priced tix). Gatz is a play that doubles as a reading of the entire novel of The Great Gatsby. It’s really something, even though so far I have only seen the first 3 hours of a 6 hour production. However that’s by the by. What all ths is leading into is the fact that I dressed up for my public cultural appearance at the SOH, in denim, and forgt to take a picture and update yesterday’s blog.

You will just have to take my word for it that I adhered to my rules of a top, a bottom and an accessory. I looked quite smart, actually…

Anyway. Today’s casual ensemble introduces the first appearance from an incredibly generous series of donations from that gem of a gal Celia’s fab fashion store Dragstar.

The Dragstar vest spices up a very casual outfit

The Dragstar vest spicing up a very casual outfit

Top: Sweet-as Dragstar denim vest. I LOVE it!

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans, seen several times on the blog so far

Accessory: A family heirloom and slice of fashion history… my Dad’s denim & leather Levi’s belt. I’ve had it for at least 20 years and it’s gotta be at least another decade older than that. So thanks Dad and thank Levi’s for making something that has lasted 30+ years.

As to the rest of the outfit. The bodyshirt was bought a few years ago in Los Angeles and the sneakers are girl skater style from Mosman St Vinnies.

I know, I know, it’s gross wearing second hand shoes. My response is don’t let a little tinea get in the way of good lookin’ footwear.

You are all probably wondering just HOW I came to receive these lovely denim donations. Well let me tell you…
Last weekend I was wandering up King St in search of bargain priced denim and in Dragstar’s window was a beautiful pair of very high waisted flares in a special mid-blue denim. So I popped in for a squiz and chatted with Celia mentioning my Year of Denim. Straight away she offered to give me, YES GIVE!!! several pieces from her denim line. I now have in my possession the amazing hi-waisted jeans, the matching very cute A-line skirt, a casual denim bag and 2, yest count them 2! denim vests, which are samples, so one-off amazing fashion pieces from the house of Dragstar.

And a little closer look at today’s historical feature…

Denim + leather: a combo loved by millions as well as the strangely crocheted teddy bear on the left hand side

Denim + leather is a combination loved by millions around the globe. Strangely crocheted teddy bear looks on from the left hand side


7 Responses to Day 17: Saturday 16 May

  1. dan says:

    this is my favourite outfit so far

  2. Charles says:

    If you don’t see the second half, you don’t see the pink suit. Gatsby wears a pink suit in the second half. It’s a great suit.

  3. raquel says:

    great outfit. And your rave about Dragstar will certainly inspire me to go and spend some of my Rudd money there.

  4. mayhem says:

    I’m loving this “prahject”! I’m also fascinated with the crocheted teddy! wow! who did that? and why the gratuitous piping and bands around the legs?

    • jampolk says:

      Yeah, the teddy is peculiar.
      I call it the “Gimp Teddy”. It was bought from the Red Cross shop in the city a few years ago.
      Too strange to leave behind…

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