Day 20: Tuesday 19 May

I have been living a lie…

Yesterday I was busted out of my denims, although I am still unsure whether khakis are denim or not.

There has been a part of my life I have been keeping a secret. It’s the part where I get up, clamber into my daily denims, take my picture, have brekkie, update my Year of Denim blog, walk the dog, come home, take my denims off and get into an old business shirt and a pair of khaki cargo pants,  walk across the back yard into the shed and get really filthy. Playing with clay.

So yesterday a surprise visitor sprung me NOT in denim. This episode shamed me into finally heading out to Tempe tip (local name for Tempe’s large Salvos store) and buying the nastiest, cheapest denim shirt and jeans I could find to wear while getting covered in mud.  Here’s me in my shed-wear. I will use this same photo every time I am having my way with clay.

As punishment I am wearing this ‘look’ all day….

Horrid Jag over-shirt conceals enormity of Urban Supplies men's jeans

Horrid Jag over-shirt conceals enormity of Urban Supplies men's jeans

Top: Jag Jeans shirt, gawd it’s nasty. I think it’s women’s shirt because the sleeves are really short

Bottom: Urban Supplies men’s jeans, about 4 sizes too large, perfect for the filth coming their way

Accessory: denim beach hat hiding radical bed hair


4 Responses to Day 20: Tuesday 19 May

  1. raquel says:

    if you think that shirt is bad you should have seen the one I did not buy you at Slavos Canley Vale. It was a real 80’s number- which I think the above is too- puffy body and long for clinching at the waist with a large belt.. or hanging long over an almost to the ankle skirt- hmm think you might have the right belt in your collection soon- anyway the other one was the same baggy body fit but with foral patterned fabric sleeves, front pannels check with the shoulder sections, complete back, cuffs and pockets in denim. It would not have been out of place in Kath’s wardrobe.

  2. anne says:

    Hi Raquel, Jane read your comment over my shoulder and you should have heard the groaning—don’t think she liked the sound of those almost purchases!

    Looking forward to seeing what you did buy for her though…

  3. raquel says:

    I would like to make a correction to the above. I think the eighties also had a real drop waist thing going on. After seeing you try the Wednesday belt with the top it looked too karate. I think you should try the drop waist line (ie hips) nest time you wear the mud shirt.

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