Day 21: Wednesday 20 May

Sydney’s gone very grey and rainy, but never fear, I am still committed to getting the blues, denim blues that is.

So today I am in some loaners, Wrangler loaners! Thanks RO, you know who you are! And in another first I am busting out a denim skirt! First time ever in my Year of Denim!

Not only double denim, but double Wrangler!

Not only double denim, but double Wrangler!

Top: Nicely aged Wrangler men’s jacket on loan from RO

Bottom: Cute black Wrangler denim mini on loan from RO as well

Accessory1: Much loved denim shoulder bag

Accessory 2: Denim leggings, watchout for wrinkly knee syndrome

Accessory 3: Yes, count them,THREE accessories today! With the third being a denim belt with over-sized buckle., a gift from RO. Fancy!

Check the label - real Wranglers

Check the label - real Wranglers


25 Responses to Day 21: Wednesday 20 May

  1. raquel says:

    Nice bag, and that belt looks surprisingly good!

  2. anne says:

    I have to admit to being the teensiest bit freaked out. Girlfriend in girl drag!

    It think it’s cute now I’m used to it. Think that length skirt works really well.

  3. spiegel says:

    haven’t commented for a while but just wanted you to know i’m still checking in every day (or second day)to peruse the fashions. just in case you’re worried your fan base is waning…

    Heaven forbid that I should ever actually walk across the office and see you for real..

  4. holdan says:

    getting skirty

    • jampolk says:

      VERY skirty.
      I NEED a denim dress though. So if you see one or have one let me know….
      Coz I am living in a denim dress free zone

  5. holdan says:

    skirty pants.

  6. holdan says:

    oooooohhh….. a denim pinafore would be prefect….

  7. raquel says:

    i can feel another visit to Canley Vale coming on

  8. raquel says:

    you wait till I find a pair of bib and brace that is your size… stone wash preferably!

    • jampolk says:

      I would FULLY wear that.
      My search for the absolutely RIGHT bib’n’brace overalls is on and in full swing!

  9. Offman says:

    My opinion is that acid wash should be illegal. But I would love to see you in some dark dungarees!

    • jampolk says:

      I’d like to see me in dark denim too.
      Onlyy 11 months of denim shopping to go, I’d better get on it!

  10. HRH says:

    Does listening to denim music count as an accessory?
    You could spend the whole weekend listing to that 70s band Denim… or Denim J…
    I can only think of two other songs off the top of my head… Blue Denim and that Marty Rhone song Denim and Lace…. Actually now that I think of it he sang Mean Pair of Jeans as well… maybe all his songs are about denim…
    Maybe you’ve got his albums already…

    • jampolk says:

      Talkin’ ’bout Mary Rhone… I have a 12″ of Mean Pair of Jeans.
      It goes on and on and on and on.
      IS there band called Denim?
      This is a musical fact I didn’t know.

  11. HRH says:

    There are in fact two bands called Denim. One from Austin Texas. One from Birmingham, England.

    Crank it up for a sample… from the Denim album by Denim.

  12. tim says:

    Are they those printed to resemble denim leggings I saw gracing a mannequin in Supre last week?

  13. tim says:

    HAHAHAH WOT a HOT item! yr SOoooo onto it!

  14. raquel says:

    I saw a young thing in those printed denim leggings. It was so weird my first thought was “Is she doing a year of denim too?” After going to the zine fair on the weekend I reliese that this jacket over leggings business is THE hot look.

    • jampolk says:

      And I was there right at the beginning, only not so young and not so hot…
      I have seen those leggings in fake black denim too.
      Might need them as well as the blue ones.

  15. raquel says:

    Definately. Black denim leggings will look great with the grey stone wash skirt I WILL find you…

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