Day 22: Thursday 21 May

Week four begins! Hurrah! And I am hardly bored yet… hardly.

And this weather is ruining my morning photo opportunities. The drab rainy day light does not suit denim’s hues at all. This morning I wanted the early morning sunshine to make a particular item glow, redeeming the way it was presented last time. Oh well. This photo will have to suffice.

Life is full of kittens and tedd bears

Life is full of kittens and teddy bears

Top: Super stretchy denim shirt from my local St Vinnies. Unfortunately the label has been cut out, but I am pretty certain this fabric contains that wonder material elastane

Bottom: Some old favs my Landlubber denim flares with incredible panel inserts down the sides

Accessory 1: another old fav my Made in Japan Glamour Girl denim cap, so cheap so sweet

Accessory 2: More very nice Japanese (so I’ve been told) denim this time in the form of a handbag, looking much better at 8am than the last time it was photographed at 6am

I can’t believe I am wearing Double Japanese denim! What an incredible coup for the fashion of that nation. Go Japan!

Here’s a closer look at today’s Nippon accessories, plus the too cute paint-by-numbers kittens

Double Japanese denim is pretty as a picture of kittens

I'm no oil painting but Double Japanese denim is as pretty as a picture of kittens


5 Responses to Day 22: Thursday 21 May

  1. holdan says:

    freaking awesome – I love those kitty cats!

  2. spiegel says:

    that’s more like it. Girl on the go. Can-do. What-for. Hands-on. Busy bee. No time to chat, kitty kat.

  3. richard says:

    peachy, perky, potent! i love the soft morning light…

  4. dan says:

    spiegel, you wack

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