Day 26: Monday 25 May

I have dragged myself out of bed this morning, looked in the mirror and saw Medusa. Well, I thought to myself, that head is gunna need a hat today.

So here I am in all my Monday morning, post-Newcastle, failed prediction glory…

Crazy hair tamed by designer Target denim cap

Crazy hair tamed by designer Target denim cap

Top: It’s a classic all the way from Newcastle, a Levi’s jacket nicely aged by the previous owner, snapped up for $5 at the Adamstown market

Bottom: Amazing jeans witha similar shade of fade to the jacket giving the whole outfit that Double Denim look so hated by GenY

Accessory: Target denim cap, luckily not K-Mart’s Now brand which I have vowed not to wear in my year of denim

As well as being a Double Denim Day today is a double outfit day as I’ll be heading out to the shed a bit later, so there’ll be another filthy picture added a little later on.

A little later on…

I'm such a good lookin' woman

I'm such a good lookin' woman

Top: That oh-so nasty Jag overshirt

Bottom: massive Urban somethng or-other jeans

Accessory: denim beach hat to keep rain off

So here I am hard at work with a large lumpen piece of clay. The artist in their garret, the local artisan being ever so creative and yet over-looked ’til her death (not imminent I hope), the vanguard of gentrification altering slowly yet surely the interesting flavour of the ‘hood into something much more generic.


9 Responses to Day 26: Monday 25 May

  1. HRH says:

    I like that workshop look. Those jeans look fine.

  2. dan says:

    love it. still looking for those denim metallic stretchies and I won’t let up till I see them. don’t stop won’t stop don’t stop won’t stop. which reminds me – where are those amazing glasses you used to have which were oh so very jane polkinghorne? where are those cool as pupsters?

    • jampolk says:

      The fake shiny stretchies need to be taken up or I need to start wearing 6″ stilettoes before they can be seen in public.
      My old specs have returned to their original purpose and are now my sunglasses.

  3. raquel says:

    Well I wish the ‘ville would gentrify enough to include an inner-city-type cafe instead of another inner west-messy-over cooked-fussy menu-over re-frigerated cakes-cafe. A Barmuda or Ella or Mint for Marrickville. Just 1 not 5 with plenty of room still for the noodles and Arabic and Greek sweets.

  4. HRH says:

    Your website has been sooo inspirational to the CCAS staff it has been linked to their social pages…

  5. petenel says:

    I havent contributed anything for a while due to my neurotic preoccupation with 1. The State of the NRL and b. the Hat Head flood too-much-water thing. Do They Need Denim Care Packages? Do They Know its not Christmastime? JP – You Are The World – do something.

    • jampolk says:

      If they could have timed their flooding a little better, as in May NEXT year, then I could have held a denim charity auction or fashion parade with all proceeds going to Smithtown.
      As it is, I haven’t seen much denim wearing going on up there. Not sure if that’s due to how heavy denim is once it gets wet (wouldn’t want to drown coz you were wearing double denim), or they just DON’T wear denim on the mid-north coast.

  6. HRH says:

    Well spotted. Wouldn’t want to OD in Hat Head at the moment.
    My polo shirt (not denim) that normally ends at my hips went all the way to my knees after traipsing through Litchfield Park in January two years ago. Wasn’t a good look.

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