Day 27: Tuesday 26 May

In a bit of a rush this morning so my photo doesn’t show me or my outfit in the best light. As gorgeous as I am I can’t always be Marrickville’s next top model.

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket. I wish either the jacket was a little bigger or my bust was a litttle smaller so everything would hang a little better

Bottom: Levi’ flares, oldies but goodies. with about 40cm of turn-up

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag which is rapidly becoming my daily denim bag due to it’s accommodating size

I’ll be back in the garage later. You know the look by now, but to PROVE I am in denim I WILL update with a new photo…

And here it is. Such a gorgeous day out there that I have busted out the denim cutoffs, aaahhh, sunshine on my legs makes me happy, sunshine on my knees makes me smile…

Who would think it's just about winter?

Who would think it's just about winter?

Top: Jag jeans shirt you know it

Bottom: Lee jeans cut off just so

Accessory: Once again the beach hat has become my studio head cover


10 Responses to Day 27: Tuesday 26 May

  1. HRH says:

    Sunshine… on my shoulder… gives me sunburn…

  2. Goffers says:

    All these blues really take me back to my Gen X childhood…my obsession with denim when I lived in the US, and it’s relaxed lifestyle implications. Do you remember the early 501’s, and their stiff as a board texture, they would take a year to break in.
    As a plus sized chick, finding denim to wear was thwart with difficulties. The Calvin Klein/Gloria Vanderbilt jeans were not made in plus sizes, and I knew a woman who was so label conscious she would buy the real thing, and cut the label off to sew onto her fat jeans.

    • jampolk says:

      Denim is ALWAYS thwart.
      My problem (on-going not only teen & childhood) is the evaporatig crotch.
      How can jeans, ostensibly the toughest of fabrics conceived for gold miners in the USA, choose to simply disintergrate in that most unfortunate of areas?

  3. petenel says:

    Look at you and your sunny outdoors making-pots-and-growing-food thing, not a care in the World (except HH floods of course (i hope)). Meanwhile here’s me typing in my madly over-AC’d big city office, digits denim-blue from the ICE COLD. hmm thinks – Maybe i could wear stubbie holders on my hands? That would look attractive, but would it work? Not so sure …

    anywho time for lunch

    • jampolk says:

      I trust you managed to leave the AC and defrost by the harbour at lunchtime today.
      And I think rather than loser Rooster stubbie holders on your hands that denim mittens with a nice flanelelette lining would do the trick

  4. anne says:

    Ummm, those cutoffs sure show off your physique JP!

    yr secret admirer x

  5. Jenious says:

    Yes great daisy dukes and in winter. You are a braver woman than I.

  6. white tie says:

    Well, the whole denim thing is great but what about some beach wear or even a new hat or something for the ears.

  7. HRH says:

    Be careful for what you wish for….

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