Day 32: Sunday 31 May

It was so lovely and warm in bed I had difficulties in leaving it today. Denim doesn’t have particularly great thermal properties for cold weather, so I am aiming for the layer-upon-layer effect both visually and for comfort. I COULD have worn the denim lumberjack jacket (thanks Paul, it’s been a great comfort to me), but I hate wearing the same denim outfit 2 days running. No, I really HATE it.

A little ray of sunshine has come into my world

A little ray of sunshine has come into my world

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket… so tight so nice

Top 2: When the weather turns I’ll have my anorak  on hand, not waterproof but definitely foolproof

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans fit just so

Accessory: denim cap jazzed up with a Utopia badge


2 Responses to Day 32: Sunday 31 May

  1. Tinky says:

    All this cold weather has got me thinking about summer. Is denim a winter pasttime or can you wear it all year? Apart from the obligatory denim cut offs and minis what else could my big sister be dreaming up?

    I am searching high and low for a denim bikini- and i think Bex has one jammed up the back of her cupboard (no pun intended)

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