Day 33: Monday 1 June

This grey weather is making me look shabby without the chic. Come on sun, stay awhile. I NEED you to brighten my denims. As today is grey I am wearing grey. Now I think about it, today I am wearing something borrowed and something blue. Today also features a special guest appearance from someone very dear to me…

Handbag + hoodie + vest = peculiar combo

Handbag + hoodie + vest = peculiar combo

Top: my BLUE denim M.S.K. vest, true blue made in Aussie denim. I know nothing about the label

Bottom: BORROWED grey Lee Cooper jeans. You can tell an artist lent them to me because of the artful paint stains (another gem form your stash RO!)

Accessory: a Roxy brand denim handbag, a gift from my loved one a few years ago, but that’s the thing about denim, it’s ageless and beyond fashion

If you look closely in the above photo you will notice a slightly pathetic looking creature. That’s Taxi. She wants to go for a walk, hence the hang-dog stance body language. Stop hassling me Taxi! I have a very important blog to publish before I can even consider walking you.

And here’s a close up of my handbag. I’m not sure if the street-tough-vest-over-hoodie-look combines especially well with a handbag. You be the judge…

Double sided Roxy denim handbag... pretty

Double sided Roxy denim handbag... pretty


5 Responses to Day 33: Monday 1 June

  1. petenel says:

    Oh at last Taxi’s POV is given an airing. Is it just me or is she looking a little fed up with the YOD? Perhaps her issues are not being “heard” – its just denim this, denim that. Poor taxi.

    Must say your Sunday Girl look yesterday was Top 5. Lovely

    • jampolk says:

      Taxi is insanely jealous because I haven’t bought her the long promised collar & coat denim combo.
      You know how fashion conscious she is…

  2. HRH says:

    I’ll be checking YOD at 3am sharp… but only till then as they are cutting the power off from 3.30am so I’ll be sitting in the dark…

    Yup. Taxi looking pretty pathetic…
    Has the guilt trip look nailed.
    Grand Master of getting underfoot when she wants something… not moving… not moving at all… unless of course you are playing with furball… then leeerrvvve sponge turns into CAT COP!

  3. HRH says:

    Good. I’ll score you.

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