Day 34: Tuesday 2 June

Yet another grey day, yet another cold day. The only time I will leave the house is to walk the star of the show, Taxi. Otherwise I’ll be in the garage all day getting angry with mud. So my look is  a double take from yesterday… same style, different components.

I've got the whole world in my hands

I've got the whole world in my hands & I live right here

Top: Wranglers denim jacket, another loaner from the fashion house of RO

Bottom: well worn denim alike tracksuit pants

Accessory: Casey Jones style cap

And yes, those are f’uggly boots on my feet. There is a new range of denim uggs out there but at US$140 a pair I don’t think I’ll find them at the local St Vincent de Paul’s anytime soon. However if there was a kind person out there in the denim wearing community who wanted to sponser me (read how to do just that right here) this is something I require right away. Winter in America might be cold, but here in Sydney it’s a bit chilly too. So hurry before the weather turns warm and I’ll be wearing Uggs to the beach… in my bikini. That’s not a promise it’s a threat.

Here’s my cap closer up…

It's blue and it's on my noggin

It's blue and it's on my noggin


2 Responses to Day 34: Tuesday 2 June

  1. petenel says:

    Only 1 days ’til Origin 1. Dear Blogess your readers cannot WAIT to see what Blues Denim supporter/stylings are in store. Has anyone ever seen Maroon Denim noidontthinkso ..

    • jampolk says:

      I am worrying over my outfit as I type…
      But I think you’re right, maroon denim is fuggin ugly AND DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!

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