Day 35: Wednesday 3 June = STATE OF ORIGIN 1!!

For anyone who hates footy and can’t stand anything about it do not read on!
Just scroll down the page and look at the pretty pictures of me. Because today tonight is 2009’s first State of Origin game! Luckily I go for NSW because I would be VERY hard pressed to find magenta, whoops I mean maroon, denim. For those of you who don’t know… NSW wears Blue and Queensland wears a ghastly old blood stain of a colour some call maroon.

Isn’t it lucky, isn’t it convenient, isn’t it stylish that I HAVE to wear denim for a year AND I am going for the Blue team? It’s a match made in fashion heaven, but I have so many choices it’s tough deciding exactly what to wear to watch the game tonight, coz I’m hitting the streets of Sydney to watch the game at an even called The Slander in Alexandria which is also a fund raiser for fbi. My plan is to eat some meat and drink some beer and then not care when we most likely lose.

However I am a tiny bit concerned that my GORGEOUS, so high waisted they hit my ribs, brand spanking new, never before worn by anyone else, blue so blue, donated Dragstar denim flares are too tight to fit me plus a meal and a couple of beers. Fashion hurts, so tonight I am going to suffer. But I’m up for it coz I’m BLUE! Familiarise yourself with the teams here for the Blues and here for the cockroaches.

I cheer the Blues in front of the only blue picture I have... kittens

I cheer the Blues in front of the only blue picture in the house... paint-by-numbers kittens

Top: Pale blue (coz I barrack for the Blues) vintage denim shirt with red piping

Bottom: virgin (never before worn, never before seen on this blog) Dragstar denim flares that are a nice mid-blue (go the Blues), so high-waisted,  almost too high-waisted

Accessory 1: Glamour Girl pale blue (coz the Blues are my team) denim cap

Accessory 2: Dark blue denim (coz NSW wear blue) bag with red piping matches the shirt so well who could believe there are 30 years between the dates of their manufacture?

I practised my cheering too. I know you want to see…

I practise screaming at the ref' while kittens admire my ace outfit

I mime screaming at the ref' while kittens admire my ace outfit

Do you also want to see just HOW tight my new jeans are? If you don’t want to see some pudge stop lookng NOW!

It's an open and shut case of too much tummy

It's an open and shut case of too much tummy

I  can’t decide wether to wear these Dragstar denims with the button done up (I can’t breath let alone eat) or undone (I can get a third of a lungful of air but it looks horrible). Maybe I should do a poll. Let me think about it.


12 Responses to Day 35: Wednesday 3 June = STATE OF ORIGIN 1!!

  1. anne says:

    Go the blues!

    With supporters like you, how can they loose?!

  2. raquel says:

    The pants look great, its a great look and a loose shirt is a great way to hid the “problem” zone. I would worry about the fly creeping down if I wore them un-buttoned. You could go all Trinny and Suzzane and get some suck it in foundation garment. Theirs goes from above knee to below bra. Although there are some very good suck it in tops which address the “p” zone too. There are amazing you will be able to eat and keep your pants on! (Sales start today too)

    • jampolk says:

      That is much better advice than “Go on diet and lose some weight you snorker!”
      And I hadn’t considered the ‘control’ undies.
      What sales start today? Will I be able to buy a foundation garment on the cheap?
      Whatever happens I aim to keep my pants on tonight.
      But who knows? If a certain chain of events unfolds and the Dragstar flares come off at least I’ll be comfy.

  3. holdan says:

    where are you oh denim clad work mate?

    • jampolk says:

      I work hard for my money, and for the next month I’ll be working late leaving daytime for playing in the mud

  4. spiegel says:

    wow, imagine the sartorial problems you’d face if you were from ‘roons supporter

    • jampolk says:

      IF I DID go for the roaches then I could wear blood stained white denim… I think that would approximate the horror of their outfits

  5. spiegel says:

    please ignore semi-literate nature of previous comment.

    • jampolk says:

      Too late. I’ve already read it and passed judgement on your literacy. (I think that’s how u spell it)

  6. petenel says:

    I’m blue (gong gong) this morning. we were out origined.

  7. raquel says:

    DJ’s have 30% off underwear… Try the singlets as well as the knickers. I find the satin finish ones enable the tight garment to slide.

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