Day 36: Thursday 4 June

I apologise for the lateness of today’s blog. I had stuff to do, like sleeping in, feeling blurry and shopping before I could get to the computer this morning. Anyway…

Blue so blue since the Blues lost. So blue that I have gone for a dark blue “Canadian Tuxedo” combo, as my brother calls it, to reflect my dark blue inner mood. But I hold out hope that Origin 2 in three weeks time will swing our way and I can feel happy blue not sad blue.

Rueful look cos the Blues lost and I ate all the Toobs before I could blog about the only Denim food in existence

Rueful look cos the Blues lost and I ate all the Toobs before I could blog about the only denim food there is

Top: The beginnings  of a classic denim pairing… Levi’s jacket

Bottom: Completing the look much adored by Canadians, Levi’s jeans

Accessory: denim bag bought from Newtown’s Old Wares shop. The girl who works there actually makes them with her own hands!

As you can see I am adorned in double denim label & colour combo. This is the look particulalry hated  by the younger generation, but f-it, I am in a distressed state, I’ll wear what I want.

Today is a two times denim day…. First I wore the Levi’s dynamic duo above, then I wore and, will continue wearing for the next few hours the potting  attire below, then I will return once again to Levi’s for work this evening.

Is that sunshine makng me squint? No, just a hangover

Is that sunshine makng me squint? No, just a hangover

Top: nasty and now filthy Jag shirt

Bottom: oversized and grubby Urban outfitters jeans

Accessory: beach hat with a Gilligan style brim

Last night’s footy watching activity wasn’t just about screaming at young fit men running into each other. It was also about raising money Sydney’s community radio station fbi. Here’s the stamp to prove it.

Fist of fury

Fist of fury clenched in vain against the Blue's loss in 2009's Origin 1


6 Responses to Day 36: Thursday 4 June

  1. spiegel says:

    you look like an 11 year old schoolgirl in the inset pic

  2. anne says:

    no, that’d make me a cradle snatcher.

  3. petenel says:

    The Blue People of NSW have been terribly and hurtfully Wronged – Jarrod Hayne’s delicate tiptoe down the sideline was the stuff of Origin legend and was not just a try but A Try. As i keep telling ARMK says its about Momentum. I dont know that it necessarily or specifically has anything to do with Denim but still Im fuming

    • jampolk says:

      It has to do with blue and blue has a lot to do with denim, although I DID try on some white denims today.
      Although I could get the zipper done up these particular denims made a certain private part of my anatomy look a bit fatter than a girl would like….

  4. […] it to what I was wearing  a year ago… It’s hardly height of […]

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