Day 37: Friday 5 June

I am going to ask a question today, and I expect EVERYONE who reads today’s My Year of Denim to answer it via the comments at the bottom of the day’s entry. By the end of the day I expect to have 3, count them THREE comments! Although I would be really happy with 6.

Now the question is….
Am I too fat for skinny jeans?

To properly answer this you need to scroll down the page and look at today’s picture. This investigation has been triggered by an experience I had yesterday, in an op shop. This particular charity clothing store has, up until now, suffered a drought in the skinny leg genre of jeans. However on this visit the racks were awash with skinny jeans. So I grabbed a few pairs thinking I might just be able to pour myself into and retired to the change room.

Now, I’m not skinny and I definitely do NOT have skinny legs, but most of these jeans I could get the zip done up, only because the muffin didn’t need to fit into the pants.  However another different problem of a more private personal nature became extremely evident. Skinny jeans make me look fat where a girl (this gender specificity is crucial) NEVER wants to look fat. Not pleasantly plump, not just a little overweight, not could lose a kilo or 2, not chubby, not happy fat!

So that question again….

Am I too fat for skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans don not make you skinny, back or front

Skinny jeans do not make you skinny, back or front

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket, as always just about a size too small

Bottom: Industrie skinny-ish leg jeans, certainly skinnier than Dragstar’s mega flares

Accessory: Denim cap with bonus studding ties the outfit together in a Marlon Brando “The Wild One” sort of way (Thanks heaps VO for yet a another extraordinary denim donation)

Today is another double denim outfit day as I am spending most of the day with the brown stuff. Here’s what I am wearing while I do it.

Blue and brown... a perfect match

Blue and brown... a perfect match

Top: seen daily Jag chambre shirt

Bottom: daily dirty denims supplied by Urban Outfitters

Accessory: brand new gift from the Guru, a denim apron, still clean but not for long

There are many of you who, I am sure, have been wondering when this blog would take a scatalogical turn. Today is the day… And what has triggered this you might ask? It’s the big lump of brown stuff in the picture above. So shit-like is this clay the only thing saving it from being flushed away is that it has no odour.

This blog has turned to crap

This blog has turned to crap

Vote on today’s big issue


14 Responses to Day 37: Friday 5 June

  1. holdan says:

    those jeans look tops on you. that said, I don’t really think they are skinny jeans.

    • jampolk says:

      They are ot as skiny as some I tried on, but then I suspect don’t actually think I can fit into ‘real’ skinny jeans….

  2. spiegel says:

    i don’t think you are actually wearing skinny jeans. i think yours are what i would call a slightly relaxed boot cut. and you look great in them.

    as for true pour-your-legs into them skinny jeans, i dont think anyone can be too fat for them, as long as one is wearing a nice long loose top to cover those difficult upper bits. surely no one has fat issues from the mid thigh down?

    • jampolk says:

      The part that worries me, which I think has eluded most people in my thickly veiled blog today, is the part where the thighs join… That’s the prt that in super skinny jeans looks plumper than it should. Embarrassingly so

  3. raquel says:

    ok so I am Latina so I think your arse does not look big. In fact to me your arse looks normal anglo girl style. hey! and kinda cute. I am with Holden and spiegel on this one. I don’t think these are skinny jeans. They look like boot cut or straight leg to me. A loose top (especially over a foundation garment singlet) will hide the zone- that fucking zone where I can NEVER loose weight from- the gut.

    Also you fit into my pants I wear jeans like the above in fact I am looking to buy some more.. email me your op-shop!

    For me skinny jeans are the ones with lyrca that are super super tight. Like camel-toe tight from crotch to ankle- you know Joey Ramon tight. You got it right, this is much more Wild Ones straight leg.

    And I love the poo clay. It must have felt really weird (or good) playing with that. It looks like half melted chocolate ice -cream yum! poo/ice cream.. I know that sounds weird. One I would eat and one i would not, but defend anyone’s right to do so!
    POO Eaters R people 2!

    • jampolk says:

      Skinny jeans they is, just not super dooper skinny jeans. And it’s not the arse I am worried about it’s the muff region, not muffin, muff.
      Who wants a fat muff?
      I think my blog today was too elusive. I needed to spell it out M-U-F-F
      I admit to no arse, I take after my mother in this…
      As to op-shops. Today’s jeans were from the St Vinnies on Elizabeth St Surry Hills, very close to Devonshire. It’s been open about 6 months.
      I think the best oppie for the fashion concious is Waverly/ Charing Cross.
      I need to hit myself again soon. Coz it’s ace I’ll have to save up the $

  4. petenel says:

    ooh voting … how democratic. Im not sure I know what im
    voting about but i’m all for it. Looking closely at the bit where the luscious leg meets the torso and i see no specific issues. You do however appear most Brando-like and Fierce

    • jampolk says:

      Brrrrmmmm brrrrrmmmm..
      That’s me revving my engine….
      I think my ‘issue’ with skinny jeans is not particulalrly evident in today’s denims.
      Might go back and buy the problem pair where I noticed the too-much-muff-is-way-too-much problem

  5. PB says:

    There’s no evidence of a VW bonnet.

    “elle a chaud au cu”

  6. anonymous says:

    hun, loose the denim jacket and “biker” hat and then maybe we could talk…

    • jampolk says:

      But what would we talk about?
      If I ‘lose’ the biker hat and denim jacket then I fail under the rules I have set for my Year of denim!
      I say ‘lose’ the snippy attitude and if you ever want to talk then don’t post as’ anonymous’.

  7. […] Every week the YoD blog entry that is the most popular is the “Am I too fat for skinny jeans” entry in June, see it here… […]

  8. jiran says:

    Hmm… well they aren’t really skinny jeans.. xD i like the hat! ^^ It’s really cute!!!~~~

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