Day 42: Wednesay 10 June

Today is the first day that doing this blog thingy has felt like a chore. Oh well. I have committd to doing it for a year so I just have to suck it up.

It’s cold outside, but warm inside my denims.

Hints of boredom evident

Hints of boredom evident

Top: Fletcher Jeans jacket, the first denim jacket I bought as an adult and still going strong

Bottom: Back into the Industrie skinny jeans. I think my thighs have gained weight since I wore them last week. They feel subtly tighter

Accessory: Mavi denim shoulder bag… little size, big style

Here’s Mavi bag closer up….

Small is beautiful when it comes to denim shoulder bags

Small is beautiful when it comes to denim shoulder bags

There has been no strong interest out there in exactly WHAT I have been making in the shed. Here’s a pic from my recent excursion up to the Hawkesbury to fire some clay lumps…

Clay on denim = washing

Clay on denim = washing


15 Responses to Day 42: Wednesay 10 June

  1. raquel says:

    Your Mavi denim shoulder bag is definately the best bag you have featured on the blog. Second is the Japanese denim bag.

    I really love the finish on those clay pieces.

    I think of this whole blog and project as an artwork, a year long performance. You going into the shed is like a work within a work, a self reflexive gesture or a way of highlighting the difference between online and studio work.

    • jampolk says:

      It’s tricky the whole 2 outfits a day thing:
      1 for studio work and 1 for & work.
      And sometimes the super casual at home outfit means 3 changes a day.
      Exhausting just keepin up with myself.

  2. raquel says:

    whoops forgot about the fantastic red piping bag, that puts Mavi 2nd and Japanese third…

  3. HRH says:

    Aaaah grasshopper…
    do not do things for a so called audience…
    do things that mean something for yourself…
    you will be happier
    there are many paths up a mountain

  4. holdan says:

    love you love yer work polkers.
    don’t be grim.

  5. HRH says:

    are u grim?
    I’ve saved all these little containers for the jammypolk special onion jam…? pronounced yoiy… scandahooligan

    • jampolk says:

      Not sure what you mean by this comment.
      And if you want to pass on information to me HRH, I DO check my email and I usually answer my phone…

  6. t.x says:

    love those pots!

    • jampolk says:

      Nearly all have cracks, some major some minor.
      Scared about firing the big ones this weekend.
      Crack City!

  7. anne says:

    God, the pots look good next to the graphic pattern on the curtain! Sorry, art talk on the denim blog! Then again, you started it…

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