Day 43: Thursday 11 June

I feel like one of those fishermen on the SBS show called Trawlers. That’s the look I’m rocking today, NAUTICAL! I can see myself on the North Sea, spewing my guts up, picking through piles of prawns, talking in a severe Scottish accent.

I scan the seas from the deck of my trawler

I scan the seas from the deck of my trawler, roo looks on

Top: denim anorak, although not waterproof, more importantly it LOOKS like it’s all weather

Bottom: Gap Jeans from the fashion house of DH. A little it ankle freezery, not exactly the perfect garment for the chilly north seas

Accessory: I’m pretending this is a denim Greek fisherman’s cap, but it’s not


14 Responses to Day 43: Thursday 11 June

  1. mayhem says:

    I’m loving the accessories in the pics of your denim outfits….. also had a question: At what point does a denim become a chambray?

    we’ll slay ’em at Karaoke one day JP – don’t you worry…..

  2. holdan says:

    woah. Love it. ernest hemmingway for inspiration.

  3. HRH says:

    go sweden…
    can’t go wrong with THAT colour combo… happy happy joy joy
    you should do a talk show…
    You’d outdo ellen any day

  4. HRH says:

    but you talk so well…
    i deleted the rest of the email

  5. petenel says:

    You look a little ummm simple today. why are you staring at me like that ….

  6. anne says:

    Yes, that’s all very well…. but you didn’t answer Mayhem’s question about where the fine line falls between chambray and denim…

    • jampolk says:

      Chambray is I believe a lite denim.
      I currently wear a chambray jag shirt when I am playing in the mud and in my eyes it counts as denim.
      So YES!! chambray is denim in my eyes. Especially if it’s blue.

  7. raquel says:

    You are about the only person I know who can wear yellow.

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