Day 44: Friday 12 June

First of thanks everyone for reading My Year of Denim. Yesterday was the first day I got over 100 views! Who would have thought there are a 100 people who could be arsed reading about me and denim?

Gosh I feel tired today. But somehow I have dragged myself to the camera and then to the computer and here I am. There’s a bust schedule ahead of me today, so i might update later with another pic as in my early photo I am dressed for all the various chores etc I have to get done before working this afternoon. Let me list them: get sawdust and wood shavings, do the washing, do the shopping, try to make something out of clay, go to work. The sheer variety of ativities requires at least 2 if not 3 denim outfits.

Here’s the first look for the day, which, at the time of blogging, I have been wearing for about 90 minutes….

Massive sunnies barely conceal gigantic black circles under my eyes

Massive sunglasses barely conceal the gigantic black circles under my eyes

Top: Wrangler jacket loaner, aged just right after decades of washing (courtesy of RO)

Bottom: Amazing jeans. Can you believe these are the first flares I have worn ALL WEEK?!? It’s a first for my Year of Denim, the week I wore straight legs more often than flares

Accessory: As I have a busy to-do list I am aspiring for that roll-up-your- sleeves and get-down-to-work attitude in my outfit. I think the denim head skarf says all these things


12 Responses to Day 44: Friday 12 June

  1. holdan says:

    woah. leopard skin.
    great combo.

    • jampolk says:

      I just didn’t think my mum’s colourful knitted scarf could get another outing without someone complaining

  2. spiegel says:

    I can see why you would have a “BUST” schedule in front of you. it would be a bit weird if it was behind you.
    yours sincerely, a sub with knowledge of anatomy

  3. dan says:

    I didn’t complain! Just commented.

  4. melanie e khava says:

    a brave venture jane. commendation to you. the act of dressing every day requires thought and energy, and this venture of yours commends and documents it in a fun and honest way. good luck.

  5. phil turnbull says:

    hi jane. i saw this mentioned in “the art life” blog – maybe that’s where all the traffic is coming from. peter n didn’t mention to me that you were doing this otherwise i would have been here from the start (you must castigate him for doing a slack job of pr). great stuff, keep up the good work, etc.

    • jampolk says:

      Hey PT,
      yes PN has done me NO favours.
      He is very unhelpful when it come to promoting ME!
      Sorry for lengthy comment approval. Was away for weekend with no www.
      Keep on looking!

  6. melanie e khava says:

    dedication to denim – yes – i can relate to that. the summer could be challenging…
    do you take it as far – in theory – to the actual development of the fabric?
    blogging, well that is something i don’t truly understand, but is on the change due to insights i have been gaining through bloggers putting their thoughts and experiences out there, altho daily catch-ups and postings will require some strength on your part, but you can do it…
    happy deniming.

    • jampolk says:

      Thanks M.
      And thank for your belief in me getting to the end without a hitch!
      Fingers crossed I make it.
      Only 300 and something days to go!

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