Day 46: Sunday June 14

Another pre-planned post today, as I am incommunicado up country. I have only taken minimal clothing, and I have chosen dark denims and a black t-shirt for a reason. I’ll be playing with fire, and fire gets very sooty and ashy, and that soot and ash gets on your clothes, your hands and up your nose.

Never fear, I am not about to to do blackface to conceal the soot on my face. In fact I was asked this week wether it was in bad taste to wear boot polish on your face with a sign around your neck saying ‘Jack’ to a fancy dress party. Personally I think blackface is baaaaddd anytime. But that’s just me….

Black is black I want my sleep back

Black is black, I want my sleep back


Top: Benetton jacket, same as yesterday only grubbier after fire making and bbqing fish. Kings Cross tourist-T hides everything but cat hair

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans, getting that slightly greasy feel that dirty denim does so well

Accessory: the sun gets nice ‘n hot up at the Hawkesbury so I have brought along my trusty denim beach hat, which was already filthy because I have been using it to protect my head from mud in the shed at home


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