Day 47: Monday 15 June

And in another first for the International Year of Denim today I am wearing coloured jeans.

Better red than dead

Better red than dead

In another first today’s outfit is entirely made from denim donations. Thanks everyone, so much support out there in Sydney for denim!

Top: Hard Yakka black denim jacket (spontaneously donated by the extremely generous SZac)

Bottom: Just Jeans red denim jeans, gifted by one of the blog’s most passionate supporters an regular donator RO

Accessory: Black denim cap, a birthday gift from ear friends JS and LooRoo

Maybe I should register as a not-for-profit project so people can claim their denim donations. Just a thought…


14 Responses to Day 47: Monday 15 June

  1. raquel says:

    did you notice the massive hems on the bottom of those red jeans.. the previous owner was a little shorter than you or I think or most people, and they kindly did not chop off the bottoms of the pants so that the next owner could let them down.

    I think they are a early 90’s cut and did imagine you wearing them with the Kings X t shirt to give it that grunge look. FOr extra grunge I would add an extra layer of flanette between T and jacket.. maybe a blue/black/grey/white one.

    Great jacket- good score!

    • jampolk says:

      Thanks again for the double denim donation. Haven’t had time to try on the shirt/ jacket yet.
      Interestingly, Katies is a brand i have steered clear from so far. Along with Miller an Now.
      And the super sizd hem might have to be lowered and inch or .
      Something to do in front of the tele on a cold winter’s night…

  2. phil turnbull says:

    that’s a very lovely jacket. i must check out the yakka range more fully. maybe you could pass this blog onto the main mfrs – they might send you free stuff.

    • jampolk says:

      Tis a noice jacket.
      First appearance on the YOD blog so far.
      I have been given some free denim direct form the fashion house… Dragstar on King St Newtown gave me a skirt, jeans, a bag and 2 waistcoats.

  3. raquel says:

    is that special ray of light Trixy?

    • jampolk says:

      Not sure what you mean.
      However I can guarantee that there was no Trixy present when the pixy was snapped.
      Maybe he was astral travelling????

  4. ana australiana says:

    The red is a fabulous new direction. I do hope you are considering white denim as well? Perhaps with some fringe detail? Just a thought.

    • jampolk says:

      I have been on an extensive search for white denim
      I recently managed, with the aid of some talcum powder, to inch my way into some Marcs white denim skinny jeans.
      However, I couldn’t get the button done up.
      On high waisted jeans I think this is not such an issue, but on the low riders, no button no zipper remaining up!
      And yes. Fringing is always a bonus, regardless of colour

  5. anne says:

    Those red jeans are giving me a flash-back to the beautiful coloured jeans of my 80s yoof!

  6. HRH says:

    yes… very scary… walking round the city seeing all these madonnas in footless lace tights and ankle boots… fortunately I have been lucky not to spot any taffeta bubble skirts. with frilled duran duran shirts….
    but I might just be lucky.
    Music was good though…

    • jampolk says:

      The pirate shirt!
      What’s astounding is the ugg boot resurgence… knee highs, metallic sheens, lace-ups, fancy colours, ankle boots.
      However I haven’t seen any young person wearig the pair I own: ugg slippers in a nice pale peach!

  7. dan says:

    whole outfit = winner

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