Day 51: Friday 19 June

You have probably noticed that I am a leading fashion icon. And that I pay close attention to fashion gossip and trends. However I hate it when fashionistas tell you what to wear and how to wear it, especially when it comes to denim…

The trusty denim jacket really does suit everyone. However, emphasis should be placed on styling. Worn with of-the-moment items such as the jumpsuit or harem pant it will add to your kudos. But remember the golden rule: head-to-toe denim is never a good look. Feel free, however, to add badges, buttons and embellishments to give it your own unique spin…. this quote is taken from the fashion police over at

How DARE they diss the head-to-toe denim look! Obviously the writer is spending too much time looking in the mirror and not enough time looking at this blog!

Another one of my pet hates is the phrase “Mutton dressed as lamb”.  Since when are you too old to wear what you like???? Tell Vivienne Westwood she’s mutton.  I thinks she’s ace!

Most people just go with the flow when it comes to clothes. They don’t want to stick out, look different, be noticed. They want to look a little bit fashionable, but not so fashionable people will laugh. They want to look handsome, pretty, well groomed, stylish, elegant. Or they dress like their friends and peers so you can’t tell them apart from each other.

I find shopping distressing. You go into a clothing ’boutique’ and there are rows of exactly the same clothes. How depressing.

If I wander into one of Sydney’s charity shops it’s viva la difference! No 2 items alike, although some shops are starting to get clogged with Target, Now and Miller brands).

So finally, here’s today’s glamorous, stylish, elegant, denim ensemble, brought to you by Australia’s finest charity shops.

Dissing double denim makes me mad

Dissing double denim makes me mad

Top: classic Levis denim jacket, aged well by previous owner

Bottom: Levis flares, practically new when I rescued them

Accessory: VO’s donated denim cap, gives me that tough edge I need to face denim detractors and fashion police


8 Responses to Day 51: Friday 19 June

  1. phil turnbull says:

    taxi needs some denim too. you can see it in the eyes.

  2. petenel says:

    GOSH Day 51 is so full of white hot bluedenim rage. (i wish id stop doing italics, its embarrasing).

    Taxi seems a little on edge too, she is super-sensitive you know, go placidly oh blogess.
    (yikes stop staring at me like that …… )

  3. anne says:

    Taxi is a picture of devotion in this one! Either that, or she thinks Jane might have something to eat…

    But yes, dogs need denim too. Let me do a search on that internet…

  4. anne says:

    Ohmydog, check this out!

    That internet! Waht would we do with out it!!

  5. anne says:

    But this is ridiculous! Look how embarrassed the poor thing is!

  6. phil turnbull says:

    that minskirt pic is just wonderful.

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