Day 54: Monday 22 June 2009

Alrighty then. It’s the start of a new week, a new page, a new blog entry. A new approach to living.

Not quite, pretty much the same old approach as before with extra denim for spice. I am liking the marginally warmer weather. It means I don’t have to wear anything over or under my denims. Speaking of under denims, being a dirty slack lazy so-and-so usually when I buy a new slice of charity shop denim I don’t wash it. If it looks clean it is clean. I’ve never bothered to sniff second hand denim.

However, someone, a regular reader of this blog, recently informed me they go commando under their denims. I was shocked! The more I thought about it the more shocked I became. For one thing jeans’ seams are so, well, bulky and ill-placed for female genitalia. For myself I need that thin piece of cotton to protect me from the roughness of that item originally made for the miners on the goldfields, denim jeans.

Now I feel like I really SHOULD wash second hand denim, coz you just don’t know what people get up to under their jeans…

    I contemplate all the second hand denim I've worn unwashed over the years... bluech

I contemplate all the second hand denim I've worn unwashed over the years... bluech

Top: Wrangler denim jacket, on loan, lovely and worn, unwashed

Bottom: Rider jeans, bought new, phew

Accessory: Mavi denim bag, still unclean, but how dirty can a hand bag get?

Here’s a closer look at that Mavi bag. It’s so small and not very useful but oh so cute.

Still life in denim and crochet

Still life in denim and crochet


7 Responses to Day 54: Monday 22 June 2009

  1. jampolk says:

    Smells like teen spirit

  2. Zoo says:

    thank heavens you’re not doing the year of leather then, what with the perverts all going commando and it not being exactly washable (unless the leathers be chaps of course, in which case it would bring you back to denim)

    • jampolk says:

      I am thankful it’s NOT My Year of Leather.
      All the moisture in the air right now would mean a lot of mouldy leather.
      Which is almost (but not quite) as yucky as second hand commando denim/leather

  3. HRH says:

    Day 53… in reality…

    yes… some girls whose washing machine broke down went and asked their neighbor could they use their washing machine… and the neighbour said sure and as they dumped their washing down the “neighbour” started loading the washing machine and then when it came to the jeans sniffed the crotch automatically in front of them… all three were appalled (all three included the “neighbour”…) eeewwww

    Careful what you go commando in… You’ll end up with cardboard crutch…

    • jampolk says:

      I don’t mind my own cardboard crutch…
      It’s other people’s that concern me, other people’s cardboard crutch/ crotch (can never tell which to use) in second hand denim

  4. anonymous says:

    No undies with jeans for me. I don’t wear any other jeans but my own. My own cardboardness is not offensive to me. In fact, I am not that cardboardy. I wear no undies with jeans and I appear to suffer no ill effects. Except comfort.

  5. phil turnbull says:

    you should really try more artfully posed photos that only glimpse the denim or dream of the denim. the one in the armchair is great.

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