Day 56: Wednesdy 24 June = SofO2!!!!

The sun yesterday was just a blip and it’s grey again. And I’ve got the Blues, the State of Origin 2 NSW Blues!

There’s a chance I’ll be going to watch the game from a corporate box tonight. However my ‘connection’ has been spewing for the past few days so I might be watching the big game from in front of the small tv.

If I go I’ll have to wear a special BLUE outfit. Until then, here’s what I’m wearing. T’ain’t pretty…

I guess that's why they call them THE BLUES

I guess that's why they call them THE BLUES

Top: Denim apron direct from The Guru

Bottom: big dirty denims from Urban Supplies

Accessory: Casey ones style denim cap

Stay tuned for an afternoon/early evening update where I’ll reveal if I am going to watch State of Origin footy REALLY or just on tv, at home, in my partner’s blue dressing gown… exciting times ahead

Afternoon  State of Origin2 update!!

I’m going to the game!!

It seems that somehow the Queensland State of Origin team now has whatever was ill infecting my ‘connection’, as the connection has come good while several of the Maroons are suffering the both ends up and out problem. Not sure if there is a connection between my connection and the Queensland team getting sick…

That’s by the by, cos I’m going to the game!! I’ve been told we are watching the game from a ‘corporate box’. Not sure what that means, so I’ve worn a tie just in case it means business.

Go team!

Blue through n through... down to my ring

Blue through n through... down to my ring

Top: Marcs denim suit jacket, coz it’s ‘corporate’

Bottom: Landlubber flares, coz they are the right shade of blue (go the blues)

Accessory: denim bum bag, somebody’s arse on my arm. NICE!


13 Responses to Day 56: Wednesdy 24 June = SofO2!!!!

  1. jampolk says:

    Where is everybody?
    I am sensing a distinct disinterest in denim out there.
    How can that be? It and me are so fascinating…

  2. spiegel says:

    I’m here and always interested, if not always commenting.
    Don’t suppose you watched Flight of the Conchords (SBS, Monday, 9.30pm). Germaine was wearing a sensational denim suit and I thought of you.

  3. phil turnbull says:

    ooh, sensational outfit. please sup a flute or 2 of champers whilst p&a cavort with the brewskies on the “hill”

  4. t.x says:

    oh yes, I like this business look

  5. pb says:

    Very Corporate Jane

  6. raquel says:

    Spiegel- I had exactly the same associations when I saw that denim suit on Flight of the Concords! I then began to worry that was thinking too much about denim.

    I like the way this jacket gives you a waist- very flattering. Not sure about the pants tho’. But on the whole a good look.

  7. raquel says:

    I like the last time this jacket appeared but was hard to see how it worked with the straight leg look because you where sitting down in the shot. You know how I like multiple views..

    • jampolk says:

      I decided on those particular jeasn in the end because they had a distinctly denim look.
      I was going to wear my polyester Levi’s slacks but it was too suity, and not fruity enough, if you get my drift

  8. Goffers says:

    What are you doing to my designer apron? I know I got it at a $2 shop, but it looked so Prada!

    • jampolk says:

      You were the one who told me to wear it!
      I warned you!
      But don’t panic. I plan to wash it in the next week.
      Perhaps it”l return to it’s prisitine state then

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