Day 59: Saturday 27 June

I feel extremly tired today and emotionally shattered from all that celebrity death. I stayed up last night to write  obituaries for Farrah and Michael. So it was well after 1am before I went to bed. Then I thought I’d finish my book, called Before Night Falls by Reinaldo Arenas.At 3am I turned my lights out….

What a rollicking ride that book is! I was telling some people at the pub about Before Night Falls because the author claims at a certain point, when he is still a young man  in his twenties, to have had sex with 5000 men.

Somebody did the mathematics, and it turns out that if he started having sex when he was 14 he would have had to have done it twice a day every day for 10 years. Another person came up with the theory that Mr Arenas would have had to have regular group sex as a way of getting his numbers up, so to speak.

Anyway. There is alot of sex in the book, if you like the male member it could be a book for you. However  it also recounts the extreme repression he suffered under Castro as a homosexual and a writer. I never knew there were essentially concentration camps in Cuba.

Cuba was, still is I suppose, incredibly Stalinist, with practically the entire population working as snitches for the secret police. Reinaldo Arenas suffered terribly in jail and had his writing confiscated and monitored, his every move watched. Eventually he manages to escape to Miami then New York, where he lives also tragically as an exile. And of course at the end he dies from Aids.

For some reason I had to finish it, and that is the reasn why I look and feel so tired today as I have had about 4 hours sleep. But I can’t lie around. I have to get up to the Hawkesbury to do my final ceramic firing. Then up to newcastle to see Penny Thwaite’s exhibition closing, where I will be wearing a very special piece of denim.  You will have to wait till Sunday for that!

Stripey overload wih clay and denim combo

Stripey overload wih clay and denim combo

Top: Classic Levi’s denim jacket

Bottom: Industrie jeans

Accessory: Not in shot, and I am too tired/busy/lazy to re-photograph, Dragstar denim slouchey bag


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