Farrah Fawcett, blonde and gone

I’m not sure why I like(d) Farrah Fawcett.

I loved her fly way hair, but I hated her acting. I loved Charlie’s Angels, but always preferred the 2 brunettes (names escape me). But then I named my cat after her because of that infamous ‘do’.

I loved her in this movie…

Raquel Welch steals Farrah's girlhood

Raquel Welch steals Farrah's girlhood

Yep. Farrah Fawcett and Raquel Welch share a special ladies only moment in that camp spectacular Myra Breckinridge. This movie exposed me to a different side of Farrah, her femme lesbian side. It’s also sensational because Raquel plays a post-op super glamtastic transexual who buggers Farrah’s boyfriend with a dildo!

Somehow Farrah has kept appearing in my life in some form or another. At the time I was living in Los Angeles and doing a flea market stall to make some cash. Somebody bought the t-shirt off my back. They paid double what I paid, I suppose for all the extra stains and holes I had ‘added’ to the t-shirt’s patina.

Somewhere aroundthe house I have a Farrah mouse pad. The famous shot of her in a very nice pair of slightly flared jeans riding a skateboard while wearing cool as f#ck nike sneakers.

In about 1991 I was wandering through the back streets of Chippendale in inner city Sydney and came across a Playboy that somebody had dumped. Been a hoarder I scooped it up. I have been dragging this Playboy around with me for nearly 20 years now, waiting for that moment when it would be useful.

Today was that day. It is a 1978  US Playboy with Farrah looking both fetching and come hither on the cover…

US$4 or found on the street... something worth owning either way

US$4 or found on the street... something worth owning either way

You go Farrah, although I don’t understand my fascination with you.

I don’t find her attractive (except for that HAIR), I don’t like her acting, and yet I have written some 300 words about all the Farrah things I have had and experienced. And the fact Farrah was on the cover of this Playboy is the only reason I have kept it.

She is/was the iconic American blonde. Good on her for keeping it going. Even in hospital her hair looked amazing. Was it a wig? And why did you have to dire from anal cancer? What is anal cancer? Does it differ from rectal cancer?

Funny. I am talkng about arse.


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