Day 63: Wednesday 1 July

Yesterday I went for a swim at Bondi. No wetsuit, just a regulation swimming costume. And it was very nice as the water was no colder than the air. So no shock when I went in.

As I enjoyed yesterday’s dip so much, today I plan a more focussed beach visit with wetsuit and surfboard. So here I am watching the waves roll into Marrickville from the bonnet (hood for international readers) of my Toyota Camry surfwagon…

Dog & girl gaze at the horizon waiting for a set to roll in

Dog & girl gaze at the horizon waiting for a set to roll in

Top: United Colors of Benetton denim jacket

Bottom: Equinox (might be the daggiest brand featured so far) three quarter pin stripe denims. I want to call them knicker bockers but have been informed knicker bockers are above the knee

Accessory: Denim sun visor. As I am going to the beach it’s best to wear a hat for protection and style

As I was writing this blog entry today a pair of jeans was discovered on my front doorstep! I believe they are a donation from SK who contacted me after reading about my Year of Denim in the Inner West Courier. So thanks SK! I’ll be trying them on later today and will probably wear them sometime this week. Anybody else want to donate denim to my cause?


6 Responses to Day 63: Wednesday 1 July

  1. Hi JP. I’m afraid I’m unwilling to part with my denim wetsuit (it’s pretty worn out anyway) but I’m doing my best to sew you one of these babies:

    • jampolk says:

      That corset/suit is just the ticket for a corporate event.
      I am a bit busty up top and a size 12 down blow.
      Do you want my exact measurements?

  2. anne says:

    Look at the sheen on that Toyota! Jane polished it!!

    It’s not as eye catching as the orange commodore yu used to have JP but it is a pleasure not to have to fix stuff every two seconds.

    It would look lovely covered in denim though!!

  3. HRH says:

    Nice footwork

  4. raquel says:

    that denim corset attached to the pant is weird- why didn’t they just go all denim if they want that shirt bit?
    Hey bad news JP they only go to size 29…
    or as they like to say on another one of the outfits petite small or medium… 29 ain’t medium- its skinny bitch!

    • jampolk says:

      I ain’t no skinny bitch.
      When I have abit more time I am going to get the sewing machine into action for sure
      I’ll make my OWN corset jeansuit!

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