Day 64: Thursday 2 July

It’s a back to work day today after a few days off. So I have gone for a very corporate look, double breasted (which I am naturally) suit jacket with slacks. People are going to take me seriously today, that’s for sure. Another reason I am dressed like a bureaucrat is all the art openings I have to attend tonight.

The first one is at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre, where my sister is showing some of her incredible prints. Then I will be rushing off to MOP to see Trevor Fry’s amazing and possibly obscene ceramics video/ installation. The last stop on my artistic conga line will be Artspace to see my special friend Anne Kay’s work in an exhibition called Imprint.

So that’s two reasons why I have to look smart today. And here’s my outfit…

The good thing about art openings is the free drinks, here I am practicing propping up the bar at home

A good thing about art openings is the free drinks, so here I am practising propping up the bar at home, robots look on

Top: Looking good in a double breasted denim suit jacket

Bottom: Levi’s polyester slacks/jeans, looking just as good as the day I bought them 15 years ago at Manly Markets

Accessory: Denim hand bag with bonus piercings giving it an edge the bag would otherwise lack


Late night update…

Spotted coming out of a restuarant last night, in double denim, one of Sydney’s artistic head honchos…


Double the denim, triple the fun, quadruple the artistic credibility


10 Responses to Day 64: Thursday 2 July

  1. jampolk says:

    Serious lack of comments over the last few days.
    The wind has gone out of the denim sails already.
    Still 10 months to go.
    This could get really lonely….

  2. HRH says:

    I was going to say something witty about the openings but decided best keep mouth shut. Or fingers to self… as it were…
    Last opening will have the ED in DOUBLE DENIM… you could lend him your bag… or maybe you have a cap squirrelled away… help him out… make outfit complete…

  3. raquel says:

    Hey see you there! I will probably be wearing all black- not because I believe this is the best look for art types but because the select this sean and last have been very poor in terms of colours.

    • jampolk says:

      You are going to be hard to spot amongst all the other all-black wearers at the various openings tonight

  4. petenel says:

    I was soo hoping to observe and enjoy anne’s opening (ooh matron) but alas still riddled with seasonal colds n flu which it now appears will be a virus for all seasons and will never go away.
    So I’m blue, but you do look very nice today, corporate yet arty …

  5. HRH says:

    Can’t get anymore credible than that. Style maestro extraordinaire…

  6. raquel says:

    Go Blair! you know that is the thing about double denim- it can look so retro cool. Sabina Bretwiesser former director of Generali Foundation in Vienna had a super cool dark denim suit she used to wear. It was retro power dressing- she looked so Alpha female in it.

    listen up Y gen- double denim is not too much of a good thing!

  7. raquel says:

    this photo makes Blair look like he walks with his legs apart.. strange.. but then again maybe his pants done wear out in the thighs like mine do..

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