Day 67: Sunday 5 July

Hurry hurry hurry.

Today is set up day for the exhibition I’m in, The Good The Bad, The Muddy at Mori Gallery , Day St, Sydney. So I am rushing.

I’m so so early my significant other(s) (if you count the dog too) is still in bed.. It IS Sunday after all.

Sorry about the picture, you can’t really see what I’m wearing today. Everything has featured before, so don’t panic, you’re not missing out.

Sunshiney day, everyone is laughing

Sunshiney day, everyone is laughing

Top 1: MSK dark denim vest. Today’s a working day so I have to wear ‘work’ clothes, like a vest

Top 2: Fletcher Jeans denim jacket

Bottom: Ben Sherman denims

Accessory: Mavi teensy denim shoulder bag

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but today I have chosen to wear 3 different shades of denim, just trying to mix it up. Keep the punters interested, on the edge of their seats with excitement, keen.


4 Responses to Day 67: Sunday 5 July

  1. Brad Buckley says:

    Hi Jane

    I guess it has been a big week with ‘Tricky’ Trevor’s opening at MOP (An acquaintance of mine who is a proto-communist, well he does not get out much. Still thinks he lives in East Berlin, anyway, he thought that MOP was actually the Museum of the People). It does have as its neighbour, the last socialist organisation in Australia, not that you would describe MOP, the gallery, as a socialist enterprise. Then of course you had to rush across town to your sister’s show and then onto Artspace for Ann’s rather quixotic work with the mercurial and clever sound track.
    So keep the denim coming.


  2. HRH says:

    When is the opening?

  3. phil turnbull says:

    is Anne starting my year of velour? good luck with yer exhibition.

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