Day 68: Monday 6 July, 2009

Monday and I’ve got Friday on my mind….

A busy schedule = a truncated blog entry. So here I am.

Denim office wear, that's home office, not corporate office

Denim office wear, home office not corporate office

Top: Wrangler denim jacket loaner, pre-aged for me by RO

Bottom: Amazing jeans, flared for your pleasure

Accessory: Glamour Girl denim cap, all the way from Japan, now happily residing on my head


4 Responses to Day 68: Monday 6 July, 2009

  1. raquel says:

    is that owl an unfinsihed craft project?? I hope install went well.

    • jampolk says:

      It’s an owl rug I op-shopped, with plans to make a mega rug from all these different mini craft rugs.
      So yes, an unfinished craft project

  2. anonymous says:

    good times. i have not been looking at your blog. I have been v bad. we have no phone, no internet, and even worse – no foxtel! eeeekkkkk!!!
    later skater

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