Day 77: Wednesday 15 July

The day has finally arrived for The Good, The Bad, The Muddy. And of course I still have a few things to do. I have to make myself pretty for the big night of nights. I have to plan my night time outfit. And I have to make some dog poo out of clay. So all in all a busy schedule ahead of me.

In other exciting denim news I got back from my jaunt up the country to find a large parcel full of denim on my doorstep. Yes! Another unsolicited donation from a complete stranger! It was a mixed bag of horrifying acid wash, elastic waisted “jeans” (if you could call them that), a denim shirt dress and most spectacular of all…. a gorgeous denim bomber jacket! Which I HAD to wear straight away. Thanks Sophie. You are a Southern Highlands fashion legend.

Hanging tough with my pussy on the front porch

Hanging tough with my pussy on the front porch

Top: How incredible is this denim bomber jacket with red & blue elastic trim? Even the label is cool: South Seas Bubble Co Ltd! It’s a snug fit, but I don’t care

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans, oft worn here

Accessory: Dark denim cap with re utpopia badge to match red trim on ace bomber jacket

I don’t think you have had a good look at that jacket, so here it is in technicolor…

Morning sun + denim = cool

Morning sun + denim = cool

Oh and it’s the final State of Origin fo 2009 tonight. But who cares? Come to my opening instead of watching the tele.

Evening attire:

Here’s what I’m in tonight. Don’t ask what’s on the plate, just come and see. And go the Blues, I s’pose…

Are you being served?

Are you being served?

Top: Marcs denim jacket with metallic sheen

Bottom: So you think you can dance style metallic stretch denim, no really

Accessory: Nothing special denim shoulder bag, coz I need to carry a bunch of stuff


11 Responses to Day 77: Wednesday 15 July

  1. anonymous says:

    it’s wednesday babe, you are confusing me.
    and i wore new denim today. for you. but where are you???????

    • jampolk says:

      Thanks for letting me know I’m living in a time warp…
      I’m not at the coal face today. I’m jizzing myself up for my opening (so to speak) tonight

  2. anonymous says:

    jizzing myself? Is that an appropriate term?

  3. HRH says:

    It is taking you all day to get jizzied up?

  4. Melissa says:

    That’s a fab jacket – can’t go past the red and denim combination.

  5. phil turnbull says:

    channeling the ghostly denim stylings of molly sugden, i see.

  6. raquel says:

    that jacket is TOPS! I am so jealous! Although I am looking forward to seeing the elastic waisted pants. You can’t get out of wearing those a donation is after all a donation. hehe you wait till you see my next thing!

    Not sure about the double shiny denim. Both items seem to be calling out for some black denim… which is proving hard to find.

  7. […] She also gave me my current most-favourite-denim-item the bomber jacket with red trim (first seen here). But I’m not wearing that today, I’m wearing this… Office Wendy… all glammed […]

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