Day 78: Thursday 16 July

It’s the day after The Good, The Bad, The Muddy and I’m feeling quite happy, tired and relieved. My voice is feeling somewhat strained after a post exhibition & dinner karaoke session down in the dungeon that is Echo Point. My sage advice today is that everyone should get a look at the most amazing and incredible, spectacular and intriguing ceramic exhibition you will never see.

Anyways, back to the denim…

Which is bigger? The bags under my eyes or the bag in my hand

How many bags are in this picture and which is the biggest? The bags under my eyes or the bag in my hand

Top 1: Classic Levi’s jacket

Top 2: In and effort to keep warm I’m layering my denims with the addition of the MSK denim vest (Made in ‘Straya)

Bottom: Industrie jeans, very snug around the top of the thighs, don’t ask me why

Accessory: Today’s accessory was given to me very sweetly by an old acquaintance, HMc, and it’s all about the labels, fcuk denim bag. She also included a few choccies. What a sweetheart


3 Responses to Day 78: Thursday 16 July

  1. phil turnbull says:

    trevor fry looks a bit like alan fels on holiday. it seems the opening went well. nice jeans.

  2. phil turnbull says:

    your jeans ofcourse…

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