Day 82: Monday 20 July, 2009

It’s a glorious winter’s day, the perfect denim wearing temperature. I’m hitting the surf. I don’t care if it’s so flat it’s a lake at Bondi, the day is just too perfect to sit at home shivering. Don’t know about anyone else, but my house will be colder inside than out today, so why stay home? Also, it’s a good excuse to drop into one of Sydney’s best charity shops which just happens to be on the east side of town.

Attack of the Surf Feminazi

Attack of the Surf Feminazi

Top: Levi’s denim jacket. Can you believe it? I’m wearing a Levi’s twin set today, hold the pearls

Bottom: Pale blue Levi’s flares, only 30cm too long, hence the triple fold turn-up

Accessory 1: Denim beach hat, gotta head the look towards beach fashion somehow

Accessory 2: Dragstar (I love Dragstar) pale blue denim bag. It carries heaps: my towel, undies, wax, mobile…

Here’s a close-up of the groovy bag and my hand crafted with texta Feminazi t-shirt

Slouchy bag matched nicely with hand drawn t-shirt

Slouchy bag matched nicely with hand drawn t-shirt


9 Responses to Day 82: Monday 20 July, 2009

  1. HRH says:

    Nice day fro a swim.
    Denim wetsuit?

  2. petenel says:

    geez i just cant hold back anymore. i don’t know that that hat (on your head) does you any favours …. there, I’ve said it. youre normally the most fotogenical of http://www.internet blogstars so its clearly the hat not the model. honestly it makes the horrifying bananarama acid wash boilersuit look chic-classique.

    yours harshly yet constructive pn.
    ps whens the much twittered about taxi Henson Park bumscratch video coming?

  3. petenel says:

    Heavens its WINTER, you don’t need a hat. Or is it a YOD requirement? Its a proven fact you cant get skin cancer between June and August.

  4. raquel says:

    Perhaps you should use some of your beautiful belts as your third item more. That vintage one of your dad’s was interesting, and you have only wore the one I gave you once too.

    The beach hat has had quiet a bit of time as the third item, it can sometimes give you a bit of a bag lady look- ok for the shed but…

  5. […] a single day unblogged. What do I get for this thankless task? I get nasty comments about my beach hat! Here I am doing a great public service, bringing all that denim to light, digging through the […]

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