Day 83: Tuesday 21 July

Gosh, I’m so old. The Year of Denim is now into it’s 83rd day, without a single day unblogged. What do I get for this thankless task? I get nasty comments about my beach hat! Here I am doing a great public service, bringing all that denim to light, digging through the denim archives to reveal denim’s hidden depths, exploiting my dog’s itchy arse, keeping the home fires irritated with my denim dementia, filling up the house with denim donations, handbags and, apparently, very unflattering hats.

I am quite willing to put that denim beach hat back into the op-shop cycle, but not until I find a replacement. In fact, I am going to take a poll….

Anyway. Here’s the first of today’s two outfits…

I love my denim, especially when the sun shines

I love my denim, especially when the sun shines

Top: Fletcher Jeans denim jacket, well loved and a keeper

Bottom: Denim donation from Steph (Thank you very much) “Love Your Denim” holey flares

Accessory: Another denim donation from the  House of Viv, black denim cap with studding

This outfit was worn to walk the dog and have a coffee at the local caf’. Now I am working in the garden so it’s into work clothes for the next few hours…

Work clothes, not catwalk haute couture Mr PN!

Work clothes, not catwalk haute couture Mr PN!

Top: Last seen covered in clay, Jag jeans light denim shirt, yuck

Bottom: Urban Supplies gigantic jeans

Accessory: Now the beach hat has been banned I am forced to wear, against my better judgement, my denim visor. If it gets nasty sweat stains, it’s on your head, PN!


12 Responses to Day 83: Tuesday 21 July

  1. petenel says:

    What the denim scraggyhat on my pretty head? Idontthinkso. I dont like hats fullstop, of course unless its a Head shaped like a Hat, then I like it A LOT.

  2. HRH says:

    Denim balaclava…
    Denim beanie…
    Denim beret…

    all you need is a seamstress… where is beaver?

  3. HRH says:

    I am whipping up something else…

  4. HRH says:

    A surprise… something much needed…

  5. Penny Polkinghorne says:

    Your neice and nephew are over-whelmed to see Jane in a dress. This is a first time in their lives, but they think you look cool.
    From Samara and Zaka

    • jampolk says:

      I’ve worn skirts and dreses in their presence before!
      Although it is the first dress I’ve worn to work.

  6. […] Denim sun visor. I thought I’d lost it last week, and it put me in a panic as I have been fashion bullied into NOT wearing my other denim sun […]

  7. […] Top: Wrangler loaner jacket. Although once I start swinging that pick it’s sure to come off, in which case I’ll probably throw on my gorgeous Jag overshirt last seen here […]

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