Day 87: Saturday 25 July

Today is the final day of the exhibition I have been in at Mori gallery, 168 Day Street, Sydney.

To mark the end of the show we are also holding an arts n’ crafts market down there  from 2-6pm this afternoon. If you have stuff you make to sell just turn up with something to put your bits on. There might be some free booze on offer too.


If you can’t make it down there to see what I’m wearing in the flesh, here’s my outfit for the day…

A little bit cuntry, a little bit  WTF

A little bit cuntry, a little bit WTF

Top 1: Dragstar super sweet denim vest. Actually, I have changed out of this vest coz it’s jst so friggin’ snug, and I’m wearing the other Dragstar vest with the distressed edges, but I’m too slack to update the pic.

Top 2: Fletcher Jeans jacket thrown casually over my shoulder just in case the weather gets nippy later on

Bottom: They haven’t seen much action lately, my superb example of a 1970’s flare Landlubber jeans

Accessory 1: dark grey denim cap, I thought I’d break up the mid blue denim look

Accessory 2: Dark blue denim bag with fluoro decals

Come out and look for me. I’ll be the only person wearing top to toe mid blue denim in Chinatown today. Guaranteed.


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