Day 124: Monday 31 August, 2009

August 31, 2009

Sydney is not as tropical as Noosa, let’s just get that out of the way. So much cooler. I have to wear a jacket this morning! And jeans! Shocking! I have acclimatised to Noosa’s balmy days and nights. I had become comfy frolicking in denim playsuits and pooh catchers.

Oh well. I am off to Newcastle to make art for the week. Perhaps it’s warmer there than Sydney. No doubt I’ll be letting you know. Here’s the first denim outfit for the week. I am sorry to say I’ll be labouring the whole time so I don’t think there’ll be too much denim glamour.

A bit nippy in the vege patch

Last day of August and a bit nippy in the vege patch

Top: Sorely missed Levi’s denim jacket. You’ll be seeing a lot of it this week

Bottom: ‘Love your Denim’ donated jeans, these will be popular too

Accessory: Dark denim cap, an oldie but a goodie


Day 123: Sunday 30 August

August 30, 2009

Last day in Noosa. Boo hoo. And it’s a magic morning after a windy night.

Oh well. I’m sure Sydney is really nice today. Yeah really. Really nice, can’t wait to get back.

Is that the sun? Yes it is

Is that the sun? Yes it is

Top: Supre chambre denim west

Bottom: T designs, getting a bit grubby, but today’s their final wear ’til washing time

Accessory 1: Another denim hat from my aunt & uncle. This one is sparkley

Accessory 2: I am braving the denim Birkies even tho they have given me a scab

Day 122: Saturday 29 August

August 29, 2009

It’s a little breezy and a little grey in Noosa this morning (best said in Pru & Tru voice).

Which is fine with me. I have returned the hired surfboard, the surf has turned from perfect blue and a tiny 1ft to grey and choppy and 1ft. And now we (the girls) are off to Eumundi markets to take a peek at stuff.

A vision in stripes, sick of this low angle, need tripod

A vision in stripes, bored of low angle, need tripod

Top: Dragstar denim vest. I’m sick of it, so everyone else must be too

Bottom: Jeans West denim mini, too big and the safety pins keep popping open. Oh well

Accessory 1: Raben denim gym boots

Accessory 2: Maki denim bag

Day 121: Friday 28 August

August 28, 2009

I am really easing into the Noosa lifestyle. Yesterday was jam packed full of activity.
First up was a surf at Tea Tree Bay in the National Park. What a magic spot! Shame the surf was 1ft.
Then I was picked up (with board, thanks girls) for a spot of shopping.
We retired back to the amazing house on the Sound for some gourmet vegemite on bread.
Then there was some napping, followed by an eensy bike ride, with a bit of a kayak around Noosa Sound to cap the afternoon off. We then had a small walk down to Hastings St.

The walk was so exhausting we came back to the house by the water and had quite a few cocktails, followed by dinner.

Then the evening REALLY hotted up.

Somehow the conversation turned to a website called Cake Farts. Naturally our interest was peaked and we had to hit the internet to see what it was all about. Yikes! The name of the site says it all. Somebody then suggested we search for something called 2 Girls 1 Cup. Double yikes with a super sized eeuuuuwwwgh bluech thrown in. If skats your scene then go look it up. If vomiting on someone gets you going look it up. I won’t say any more as this is a ‘family’ friendly bog woops, blog.

Anyways. The day is getting going, and I want brekkie and a surf so here’s my outfit…

Pensive in pooh catchers

Pensive in pooh catchers on the pontoon

Top: Dragstar denim vest getting a big workout in Noosa

Bottom: OneTeaspoon denim pooh catchers (see today’s blog words for the scatalogical reference), a gift from Mum

Accessory: Denim visor that will be worn in the surf today.

Here’s a pic fromĀ  nights ago off the pontoon in front of the glamma house…

Ducks strike pose against Noosa Sound sunset

Ducks strike pose against Noosa Sound sunset

Day 120: Thursday 27 August

August 27, 2009

I’ve done it. I’ve committed to the full mutton.
I am bracing myself for the stares, whispers and outright laughter as I waddle down Hastings Street a little later, surfboard under arm.

I’m not sure if I can stick it out all day. Got things to do out in the public and even I feel a little self conscious in this ‘thing’.

Swanning by the pool in my playsuit

Swanning by the pool in my playsuit

Top & bottom combo! At last I have added that much desired piece of denim the playsuit!

Accessory: Brand new denim broad brimmed hat from the vast collection of my aunt & uncle. That’s what family’s for

So there you have it. If I can’t stand the shame I’ll change and update later. So later dudes….

Vote now as to the muttoness of my outfit….

Day 119: Wednesday 29 August

August 26, 2009

I am flush with new Noosa denim items, one of them is so horrific I’m not certain I can bring myself to wear it. Even for me it might be too much. However, if there is overwhelming support for this unseen item I MIGHT contemplate wearing it this week. And this week only cos’ I’m in the sunny north. This ‘thing ‘ is not thermal enough for Sydney until at least November…

Vote now:

And here’s today’s semi glam do…

Wierd angle coz I didn't bring a tripod north

Wierd angle coz I didn't bring a tripod north

Top: Super glamorous Supre vest, although it’s a little cool this morning

Bottom: T designs denim shorts, not so glanmorous

Accessory 1: Bad shot of newly donated denim cap from my aunt and uncle

Accessory 2: Ubiquitous denim Birkies

Here’s the label of those denim shorts…

Ironically crazy label ... I think
Ironically crazy label … I think

Day 118: Tuesday 25 August

August 25, 2009

Another day of sunshine, although slightly cooler this morning.

Kenny the dog came home last night with major wounds. His poor bum has been mauled and has drains sticking out of it, while one of his front legs got a good chewing. But he seems quite perky this morning, so I think he’s on the mend.

Not sure what exciting holiday activity I’ll be getting up to today, but I suspect it involves perusing the local op-shops and going to the beach. Poor little me…

How can you tell I'm inQueensland? Hmmm, the XXXX beer fridge is a bit of a giveaway

How can you tell I'm inQueensland? Hmmm, the XXXX beer fridge is a bit of a giveaway

Top: Currently Joe’s Jeans jacket as it’s cool, but def’ later on it will be the Dragstar vest seen yesterday

Bottom: T Designs denim shorts. They have a very funny mangled English label which I might photograph later and post a pic of

Accessory 1: Brand new from Vinnies back in the ‘Ville, Sportsgirl fake patchwork beach hat. I like it and now I can move the other horrid hat back into the op shop current

Accessory 2: Denim Birkies… I think you’ll be sick of these by the end of the week

Special thanks to Auntie Cathy for taking my picture today.