Day 94: Saturday 1 August

A new month! This Year of Denim is racing by. It’s the third month of me being drenched in denim, awash in the fabric originally used for sail cloth, then miners’ clothes in the Californian gold rush and now to the dizzy fashion heights of me!

It’s also Day 94, which means I am coming up for my first century. It’s a bit like cricket, my first tonne. Hopefully I’ll go on to make a big score of 352, probably a record for someone on debut.

And I am looking for an appropriate way of celebrating my first 100. Send me an email if you have bright idea:

On Day 100 I’ll do a blog listing all the incredible suggestions you made on how to celebrate 100 days, 100 nights. If I can afford it I may DO the best suggestion. So cheap n cheery is the mission!

Here’s today’s blue do…

Just me and the tree, a hint of sun and a touch of class

Just me and the tree, a hint of sun and a touch of class

Top: Benetton dark blue denim

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans, also dark blue

Accessory: Dark blue denim cap

I would also like to point out that y t-shirt says Miss Teen USA Pageant 1992. Was I a contestant? Whaddya reckon? Time to go, see you at the Jets game this arvo.

Evening update:

I’m going out, not coming out, GOING out.  I thought today’s outfit was a little scrappy for the evening, so here’s what I am wearing into the night…

I'm not paranoid but I feel as if someone's looking over my shoulder

I'm not paranoid but I feel as if someone's looking over my shoulder

Top: Ladakh striped denim jacket

Bottom: Industrie skinny jeans

Accessory: Dad’s denim Levi’s belt. Needs fixin’. Anyone know a good bootmaker/ leather worker?


7 Responses to Day 94: Saturday 1 August

  1. raquel says:

    have you worn 100 items yet?

  2. raquel says:

    How about 100 items in one day… might need a couple of outfit changes and LOTS of accessories?

    Or a ‘stitch and bitch’ afternoon where we come over and sew you some denim outfits up??

  3. raquel says:

    I love that jacket and it look good with those pants. Although is not as special as that red trim bomber.

    Now I have a couple of questions:
    You promised something so amazing found at the newcastle markets… Have we seen that item yet?
    Also when are you going to where the Katies shirt /jacket i gave you?? I though it was very sensible office wear.
    And the eleastic waisted jeans from the same bomber jacket donor??

    • jampolk says:

      That Katies shirt is so bland it’s almost invisible in my wardrobe.
      I can’t remember what the Newcastle item was that was incredibly special.
      As to the denim elastic waisted pants (can’t call ’em jeans) too scared to even try them on.
      Please don’t make me wear them for Flaps.
      I’m begging you!

      And for 100 days I have got another very special item I have been saving that is so truly horrifying it’s spectacular.

  4. t.x says:

    you got someone on the case!

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