Day 95: Sunday 2 August

So significant is The International Year of Denim that it has made today’s Sunday Telegraph, newspaper version only. So far it doesn’t seemed to have created any more visitors to this blog. Could it be that The Year of Denim is not all that interesting?

It seems there’s a handful of denim fanatics out there who are gripped with suspense each day to discover what incredible/revolting/daggy/ dreary/ same old same old/ pretty/ different noice unusual outfit I have decided to deck myself in. I can only hope that there’ll still be a few there in 9 months and to witness the final days of My Year of Denim.

Catching sun as I read about my Year of Denim in the Sunday Tele

Catching sun as I read about my Year of Denim in today's Sunday Telegraph's fashion pages

Top: Still most fav’ status, the South Seas Bubble Co denim bomber jacket. Aaaah

Bottom: Gap jeans donated by DH. Strangely short in the leg, so I have made it a feature today by giving them a single turn-up

Accessory: Dark grey denim cap, a birthday present given to me at the very beginning of My Year of Denim by some very dear girlfriends

Does anyone have any suggestions on the right way to celebrate my first 100 days of denim next Friday? Send me an email if you KNOW what I should do:


4 Responses to Day 95: Sunday 2 August

  1. petenel says:

    Hi just in from Chicago America. It wasnt very denimy there but it is summer, so who knows wot the winter TwentyTen collections will bring?

    It took 3 goes scanning that crazy Sunday Tele but did find your SPREAD eventually.
    Credit Crunch Chic? Nope.
    In Focus: Saba Denim? no siree
    The In Vogue Crowd dress to thrill? bingbong
    Dress For Your Shape; new Season Pants? still nothing.

    oh of course there you are – Style with Elle Halliwell. Honestly, you and Elle are like the Bobsy Twins. Barely recognised you in that pic, what with the long blonde do and sulky modelface. Nice work.

    • jampolk says:

      Photoshop is a remarkable asset for us aging super models.
      And yes, it is a little teensy.
      Better than nothing tho.

  2. holdan says:

    my jeans are always short in the leg. my ankles get claustrphobic otherwise

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