Day 98: Wednesday 5 August

It’s all about colour and movement. No. It’s all about The Color Kittens and movement.Today I bring a little mix ‘n match colour sense to my outfit. I’m tired of the blues, the denim blues, so I’m stepping out in denim of many  colours.

I select a bit of light reading for the train trip to town

I select a bit of light reading for the train trip to town

Top: Fletcher Jeans, mid blue denim jacket

Bottom: Jeans West red jeans, nice and stretchy, coz sometimes a girl needs a little give

Accessory 1: Black denim cap with studs, gotta tame that crazy hair

Accessory 2: Dark blue denim bag with extra bright Ausie themed fluoro decals

Lets get a closer look at my reading material…

A moving tale of kittens and colours

A moving tale of kittens and colours


9 Responses to Day 98: Wednesday 5 August

  1. jampolk says:

    So much excitement today about the blog. Unbelievable. Very unbelievable.

  2. HRH says:

    Not at all… it takes some time to ponder the subtle nuances to the wording in which you would like to respond …
    I think you should wear fitted jeans more often.
    And stop obsessing about size “details”.
    It is apparent to no one else and I have looked … and looked again… not a camel toe in sight. So stop whining coz you look good in fitted jeans.

  3. anne kay says:

    My first visit for a few days, catching up on what’s been happening in denim land. You look very happy today which is lovely too see!

  4. petenel says:

    thats not how you spell COLOUR. What are we teaching our kids? Or at least what are THEY teaching THEIR kids. hell-in-a-hand-basket comes to mind.

    i like your red denim, its so very unusual and full of interest for the viewer. Terribly Contemporary yet at the same time not at all. Complexly simple.
    I could go on but i’ve lost my train of thought ….

  5. mayhem says:

    I reckon the theme of that bag’s colours is “schappylle” Aussie plus Pink, in bright modern lines….. I had that golden book of “color kittens too”. Such memories! Any luck finding a denim suit?

    • jampolk says:

      Still denim suit-less. But I’m hopeful that something will turn up.
      Schappylle can have that bag at the end of th Year of Denim. I didn’t think it was glitzy enough for her. No gold etc

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