Day 99: Thursday 6 August

Today is your last chance to send me suggestions on just HOW I should celebrate my first 100 days of denim. So far I have had 1 suggestion, a double denim party. But I am waaaay to lazy to  organise and throw a party for tomorrow night. Especially as I am working until 7pm-ish.

I was thinking along the lines of something I could simply turn up to. Somewhere cool and sophisticated where my triple denim wearing would have an appreciative audience, and where my many friends and fans could join me for a denim clad drink or two followed by some kind of denim wearing activity: bowling, karaoke, drinking games, ice skating, boot skooting, skinny dipping … you get my drift.

So let me know what and how I should rock my centenary: or post a comment. Be nasty, I can take it.

Here’s today’s educational outfit, and stay tuned for something EXTRA special for tomorrow.

Serious early morning posing

Serious early morning posing

Top 1: My look is quite three piece suitey, reminiscent of the Canadian tuxedo, and the first piece is the denim MSK waistcoat (vest)

Top 2: Dark denim jacket, brought to you by Benetton

Bottom: Jays Jays Jeans, snug up top and a little long down the bottom

Accessory: Mavi dark denim bag, small, neat and just right


2 Responses to Day 99: Thursday 6 August

  1. phil turnbull says:

    that dark blue really suits you, especially with that hint of yellow poking through.

    more awkward denim appears:

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