Day 101: Saturday 8 August

I have decided that I can’t upstage yesterday’s stellar stonewashed outfit (not as stellar as I had planned, curses!). So today is very workaday, anonymous, everyman denim. Or in the words of a radio announcer I heard this week, I am wearing a rock ‘n’ roll tracksuit … double denim in the same shade of blueness.

I have work to do, so I can’t just throw on special denim that would get ruined by bike fixing, garden bench making, washing and cleaning.

One of my most hated chores ... hanging out the washing

One of my most hated chores ... hanging out the washing

Top: United denim of Benetton jacket

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans that are getting daggier and saggier each week. I suppose I could wash them as that always shrinks denim, however that would just add to my workload

Accessory: Denim painters cap with bonus pockets. Why it has a pocket on each side is a mystery. They are too small for ciggies, but you could fit matches in there and maybe a tissue

The legendary blue bags, the Newtown Jets are playing at the “jewel of the inner west” Henson Park this arvo. Kick off at 3pm, see you there for a steak sanbo and a KB.


4 Responses to Day 101: Saturday 8 August

  1. petenel says:

    My, arent you industrious. For those of us in high rise hell without clothes lines, hanging out the washing seems so glamorous and exciting, I’m more than usually envious.

    Henson Park, cant hardly wait. Perhaps I could bring my washing and hang it out to dry on the fence, that would be classy. oh and my ball is still flat … flummoxed by this issue I am.

    • jampolk says:

      Nothing worse than flat balls. Especially at the footy.
      Yeah bring your washing. The sun always shines on Henson park

  2. phil turnbull says:

    did you see ex-WW drummer peter macgregor at Henson?

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