Day 103: Monday 10 August 2009

Saturday and Sunday were training runs in terms of being dressed for hard labour. Today I am head down, bum up in the dirt, in the garden. If I’m not filthy within half an hour of hitting the backyard I’ll eat my Daisy Dukes. Although it’s a little chilly to wear Daisy Dukes today. If it warms up I’ll get into ’em. Otherwise it’s the full daggy do today.

Working in a coal mine going down down down

Working in a coal mine going down down down

Top: Wrangler loaner jacket. Although once I start swinging that pick it’s sure to come off, in which case I’ll probably throw on my gorgeous Jag overshirt last seen here

Bottom: Riders denim jeans that double as poo catchers and I have been banished from wearing by my significant other

Accessory: This denim beach hat was at the centre of a fashion storm a few weeks ago. I have decided that working in the garden is the perfect place for it. I’ll keep looking for a replacement that I can wear in public


7 Responses to Day 103: Monday 10 August 2009

  1. raquel says:

    that hat is bad.. nice day for digging

  2. anne says:

    I can’t believe that hat is back! Mr. PN will not be pleased.

    • jampolk says:

      As I said to Mr PN… if he wants me to wear another hat he has to supply it.
      And most people in the poll I took supported the hat’s right to remain in the Year of Denim.
      So there…

  3. raquel says:

    hmm that poll didn’t have many options.. there should have been an option- it can appear only when worn with ones tongue in ones cheek (like today) and then only occasionally.

    Hats are hard accessories.. you need to explore denim jewerlly..

    • jampolk says:

      I have been thinking the very same thoughts…
      When I have some spare time, in about a month, I’ll seriously get into the denim handicrafts

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