Day 105: Wednesday 12 August

Yesterday’s true blue through and through Dragstar combo was quite well received.

However I got the feeling from those around me that people thought I was wearing fancy dress.

Let me say emphatically NO!!! I was not playing dress ups, but playing for very high fashion stakes. Sometimes you have to take risks, and be ready to hear the critics. Armour yourself against the barbs, the arrows, the tongue lashings. So today I am flying under the radar, in a ‘costume’ that is all but invisible. I can guarantee I will not be noticed on the streets of Sydney in this take on double denim.

I puzzle over my handy work

I puzzle over my ceramic handy work

Top: One of my favs, Joes Jeans jacket, so fitted it nearly hurts

Bottom: Industrie jeans, so fitted there’s enough muffin for everyone

Accessory 1: Denim hat gifted at the beginning of YoD (Year of Denim)

Accessory 2: Denim  shoulder bag, no label, all style


13 Responses to Day 105: Wednesday 12 August

  1. raquel says:

    Love this take on Sydney double denim… its so so Bankstown-line-I-got-on-in-Hurlstone-Park, on the each of cool but really a bit over the line. it’s just right- I would have ditched the hat.. hats too hard. Love that new red belt accessory!

  2. t.x says:

    I agree on the belt. and the little touch of red fromt the ringer tshirt

  3. t.x says:

    quadruple denim!

  4. t.x says:

    ps saw a full length denim coat with great big fur collar at salvos broadway, not sure if youd be into that though

    • jampolk says:

      If you buy it I’ll wear it.
      Did you try iy on?
      I’m probably a bit smaller across thr shoulders, but larger round the chest than you.

  5. holdend says:

    so pensive….

  6. raquel says:

    not I just meant suburban.
    Dulwich Hill is definately suburban but slightly inner-west, which is more suburban than those Surrey Hills hipsters. Hurlstone Park is really one more big step into the suburbs. It’s all soccer mums and school runs over the other side of Wardell Rd.

  7. petenel says:

    I’m normally anti-hat but I like it. Its dramatic yet denimy.
    When I look at this fo-toe I see a Model.

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