Day 109: Sunday 16 August

Stay tuned for early evening post with an in-situ photograph of my denim do for the day from up at Mangrove Creek…

Early evening update:

What amazing weather we had up at Mangrove Creek. Very cold overnight with beautiful sunny skies, warmth and birds through the days.

Now I’m home. Here’s the outlook from in front of the house over the weekend…

A little bit of remote sublimity

A hint of remote sublimity

And here’s what I wore today while having  a hack at one of the weed spots. Thankfully I had a heap of helpers. Ta everyone for your stellar efforts with pruning equipment, saws, mattocks and for dragging it all around the place. And extra special thanks to my sweetheart AK for taking the photo…

A girl of action in action with parrot beak cutters

A girl of action in action with parrot beak cutters

Top: MSK work vest, cos I was workin’ it. Unfortunately it got very hot and I had to strip it off

Bottom: Abercrombie and Finch Daisy Dukes. A bit saggy I might add, would fit better with a belt

Accessory: Luckily I had my sun visor at hand. It was hot ‘n sunny and a much needed accessory


2 Responses to Day 109: Sunday 16 August

  1. raquel says:

    nice spot. love those matching socks

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