Day 110: Monday 17 August, 2009

Whoops. I am definitely not right in the head. I did yesterday’s blog and then forgot to publish it. So here is yesterday today. Today will be coming soon….

The clock keeps on ticking. It’s the start of another week. A week of trying to come up with new combos of denimness. Trying to keep it fresh, real and out of this world.

I don’t think today I have managed any freshness, reality or out of world experiences. But I DO have a new garden bench I want to sit on. And Taxi does have a bone to chew.

Give the dog a bone

Give the dog a bone

Top: Moji denim shirt of a button popping tightness

Bottom: Denim Co. brand strange length and fit jeans

Accessory 1: Denim bag with red piping helps to tie the outfit together

Accessory 2: Not visible in this shot, long denim tie style belt. I was too snotty to pose again.


7 Responses to Day 110: Monday 17 August, 2009

  1. phil turnbull says:

    yer looking sadder as the days roll on.


    i’m listening to “the logical song’ by supertramp right now. that might cheer you up???

    • jampolk says:

      Yeah ok.
      I promise to stop being sick when I stop being sick.
      Outfits are getting more and more pathetic too.
      However, I don’t really think supertramp is going to help…

  2. phil turnbull says:

    you might be surprised at the revelatory properties of mid period s’tramp.

  3. phil turnbull says:

    i’m snappin’ my fingers right now

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