Day 111: Tuesday 18 August

Stupid cold is lingering and lurking. I tried bravely going forth as a way of fighting sickness and it hasn’t worked. So I’m going the tried and true method of  lingering and lurking at home. So today is more anti-fashion than fashion, but I am beyond caring.

Dog day morning

Dog day morning

Top: Benetton denim jacket. I wish I had a denim look-a-like hoodie, but I don’t and I am off to the doctor this morning so I have to face the public fashion police

Bottom: Thankfully I have faux denim trackie dacks, cos lounging in bed in jeans is not comfy

Accessory: Denim clad diary. I can check what I was supposed to do today

Here’s my diary closer…

New and old technology clash

New and old technology clash


3 Responses to Day 111: Tuesday 18 August

  1. Offman says:

    Sleep! Sleep!

  2. HRH says:

    Rise and shine… it’s almost nine

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