Day 113: Thursday 20 August

That’s it! I’ve had a gutful. I’m getting up and out. I don’t care if I spread germs. So there.

I feel a little perkier, apart from the fact it is very early. I have just watched the sun rise. Very pretty. One day I’ll organise myself to document in front of the colourful cloud action.

Here’s me, getting better, feeling better, but not really looking better.

The day beckons, I look on dumb-struck

The day beckons, I look on dumb-struck

Top: Much loved. oft donned, but the seasons are changing so I gotta wear it while I can, South Sea Bubbles Co. denim bomber jacket

Bottom: The Beautiful & the Damned pale blue denim bell bottoms. Thanks Mum

Accessory: Dragstar pale blue denim shoulder bag coz you gotta tie the outfit together


4 Responses to Day 113: Thursday 20 August

  1. HRH says:

    Essential style in SMH obviously doesn’t have it’s finger on the pulse and has focussed on a New Yorker instead of the da Ville grrrl…

  2. Year of Denim says:

    Thanks HRH.
    I should pay you as my publicist

  3. phil turnbull says:

    pah – one dress for 365 days. that’s SO easy. especially when she has seven of them and they’re all, like, designer.

    your challenge is much, much harder and will obviously be fraught with near panicky days of WTF.

    so keep going, oh slightly sick person of denim.

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