Day 116: Sunday 23 August

I’m leaving on a jet (star) plane
Know when I’ll be back again

Hurrah! Today has arrived at last and I’m off to Queensland’s sunny Sunshine Coast. Fresh op-shopping fields, beautiful surf and family fun too. I’m stoked in so many ways I can’t even mention them all.

And then I go to Noosa for a few days. Aaaah. I feel better just blogging about it. I’m not even there yet. I must say for a week I have had to pack an awful lot of clothes, particularly denim. I hope there’s space in my case for all the new (old) purchases as I peruse the Sunny Coast’s charity shops for ace items.

Here’s my flight/ resort wear. I can’t guarantee I’ll be wearing it all day as it has been 29 degrees up there, but I’ll be flying in it.

Denim clad jet setter type poses on departure

Denim clad jet setter type poses on departure

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket. Sweet

Bottom: Yowsah! These jeans are tight! Never before worn cos they had a ripped knee that needed mending that I finally got around TO mending, Miss Sixty jeans, with bonus muffin

Accessory 1: Those Raben denim gym boots. I have been informed they need a close-up so their denimness can be truly appreciated

Accessory 2: Largish denim carry-all bag. I got so much electronic equipment to squeeze in there! Laptop, camera, iPod, mobile and all the associated cables. Heavy man

I’m a bit worried about sitting in Miss Sixty’s jeans on the plane. All I can say is it’s lucky I have no arse cos’ there’s ain’t room for one in these pants.


3 Responses to Day 116: Sunday 23 August

  1. raquel says:

    ohh tight pants on a plane sore gut- you’ll have to undo the top button. I like the capri short leg will be nice to have the breeze around your ankles.

    • jampolk says:

      Pants weren’t too bad on the plane only cos I didn’t eat anything.
      But boy were they hot when I started wandering around. Phew!

  2. holdan says:

    four denims!

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