Day 120: Thursday 27 August

I’ve done it. I’ve committed to the full mutton.
I am bracing myself for the stares, whispers and outright laughter as I waddle down Hastings Street a little later, surfboard under arm.

I’m not sure if I can stick it out all day. Got things to do out in the public and even I feel a little self conscious in this ‘thing’.

Swanning by the pool in my playsuit

Swanning by the pool in my playsuit

Top & bottom combo! At last I have added that much desired piece of denim the playsuit!

Accessory: Brand new denim broad brimmed hat from the vast collection of my aunt & uncle. That’s what family’s for

So there you have it. If I can’t stand the shame I’ll change and update later. So later dudes….

Vote now as to the muttoness of my outfit….


18 Responses to Day 120: Thursday 27 August

  1. holdan says:

    looks tops – ballsy!

  2. anne kay says:

    I think you look really cute!!

    But I do have very bad and sad news for you JP. I went to get the faux denim bikini and it had GONE!

    Sorry!! But if there’s one, there will no doubt be another one somewhere sometime…

  3. phil turnbull says:

    i agree wholeheartedly on cuteness factor.

  4. raquel says:

    I love this look! and yes I agree its kinda cute- the floppy brimmed hat, no shoes- it says relaxed and happy. Why not wear it down here- I wouldn’t wear it to an opening or work, but the beach or pool- why the hell not!

    I hope this hat hangs round for summer- the broader brim suits you more.

  5. t.x says:

    absolutely adorable!

  6. HRH says:

    That is hardly my idea of a howler outfit. Were you just being coy?

  7. petenel says:

    I’m not a Hat person as we know, but I’m all for this one. It positively oozes brainless QLD sunshine. People from NSW (eg my self) may even wonder what (if anything) is going on under that denim overhang.

    As to the other ‘piece’ … well maybe not Noosa, but Very Mooloolaba.

    • jampolk says:

      Ya know PN, yr correct.
      The playsuit IS very Mooloolaba.
      And actually, the broad brimmed denim hat was put to excellent use today.
      I wore it in the surf, and I think it MUST have an extremely high SPF rating. Maybe of 100?
      So brainy me!

  8. pb says:

    Oh Jane…… the way you were talking it up I thought I was going to see pubes.

    You look fetching .

  9. stoogi0 says:

    It’s a very nice picture of you – you look really pretty with the hat 🙂 Surely that playsuit has to be a collectors item?! I’ve never seen one before either, bootilicious.

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