Day 122: Saturday 29 August

It’s a little breezy and a little grey in Noosa this morning (best said in Pru & Tru voice).

Which is fine with me. I have returned the hired surfboard, the surf has turned from perfect blue and a tiny 1ft to grey and choppy and 1ft. And now we (the girls) are off to Eumundi markets to take a peek at stuff.

A vision in stripes, sick of this low angle, need tripod

A vision in stripes, bored of low angle, need tripod

Top: Dragstar denim vest. I’m sick of it, so everyone else must be too

Bottom: Jeans West denim mini, too big and the safety pins keep popping open. Oh well

Accessory 1: Raben denim gym boots

Accessory 2: Maki denim bag


2 Responses to Day 122: Saturday 29 August

  1. anne says:

    Love those Raben gymboots.

    You obviously didn’t have that wide brimmed hat on yesterday though, I can feel the heat radiating from your cheeks from here.

    I’m off to the St Peter’s Public School Fete with JS and LR…

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